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    You will surely enjoy watching Humpback whales in Madagascar
    Facts About Madagascar Republic of Madagascar (previously Malagasy) is actually an island nation located in Africa off the southeastern coastline of the ‘Black Continent’ that is positioned within the Indian Ocean. In addition, the main island of this country which is as well acknowledged as called Madagascar which is the fourth leading island (Total Area = 587041 sq km) all across the world as well as is renowned for its flora and fauna genus preponderance of which are widespread to this nation  [...]

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    Madagascar – the only habitat for Lemurs
    Madagascar is known to be the fourth largest island in the world; in addition it is positioned surrounded by the Indian Ocean almost around 250 miles off the southeast coastline of Africa. The total size of the island is almost 226,658 sq miles in size, furthermore Madagascar as well as an undersized Comoro Islands that is been located to its northern region make available the barely present-day local surroundings to lemurs all across the world. It is been recommended that the lemurs made their  [...]

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    Tugela Falls – the gem of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa
    Positioned within the Kwazulu Natal area of South Africa, Tugela Falls is known to be the second-maximum waterfall all across the whole world. By means of a totality tallness of almost 3,110 ft (approximately 948 m), Tugela Falls takes account of five breaks up tiers, as well as its tallest solitary drop is almost 1,350 ft (approximately 411 m). The prominent Tugela Falls starts at the summit of a mountain that was similar to an amphitheater as well as acknowledged as Mont Aux Sources. It is a moderately  [...]

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    The Livingstone Falls – taking its name after its discoverer David Livingstone
    Livingstone Falls, which was named after the voyager David Livingstone, are a sequence of massive quick’s on the inferior route of the River Congo flowing in the western equatorial region of Africa, downstream as of Malebo Pool within the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Livingstone Falls: History Despite the fact that he discovered the higher Congo, David Livingstone by no means passed through to this particular part of this river, the Livingstone falls were even than named as to honor  [...]

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    My tour to the Blue Nile Falls
    As of Bahir Dar, the prominent Blue Nile Falls formulate for an effortless day trip. As an alternative of taking a travel around or else one of the standard buses, we determined to lease a bicycle as well as make our legs actually to the labor. It was an immense way for being out surrounded by nature, as to make out the landscape as well as make the acquaintance of the people by the side of the way, on the other hand at different times it was as well disagreeable, and in particular when kids began  [...]

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