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Archive | July, 2013

Travel Pleasures in Rwanda

11. July 2013


Travel Pleasures in Rwanda
Visiting Africa is always filled with a level of excitement and adventure and you can experience the pleasures of perfect travel luxuries and enjoy the pleasantness and genuineness of the place. This relatively popular country in Eastern Africa is near Uganda and Kenya and thus is easily reachable. This landlocked region is surrounded by Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of Congo. This is a beautiful land of thousand hills and is rich in flora, fauna, and absolutely delightful natural beauty. There is a certain aura about the green savanna here, which is in fact also the major tourist attraction. The country has some of the rarest species of animals like birds, insects, and Silverback Mountains. With the best collection of insects and birds, the Nyungwe forest is a paradise  [...]

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