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Archive | September, 2012

Beautiful Travel Tales from Lamu Island

1. September 2012


Beautiful Travel Tales from Lamu Island
Lamu Island is a beautiful part of the eastern part of Africa and is a part of the group of islands in Kenya. The old town at Lamu is the main inhabited part of the island and is today one of the oldest and the most preserved settlements of Swahili in this part of the world. It is constructed of coral stone and also mangrove forests and is mainly made up of structural forms that are completely enriched by beautiful verandas, inner courtyards and also beautifully carved doors made of wood. Lamu has had many festivals celebrated by Muslims since the 19th century. It is today a major centre for the study of Cultures of Swahili and Islamic origin. Lamu Island is connected to the region of Mokowe by boat and it lies on the mainland. It is also connected to Manda island .This is a region that  [...]

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