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  • You will surely enjoy watching Humpback whales in Madagascar

    Mon, Apr 12, 2010


    Facts About Madagascar

    Republic of Madagascar (previously Malagasy) is actually an island nation located in Africa off the southeastern coastline of the ‘Black Continent’ that is positioned within the Indian Ocean. In addition, the main island of this country which is as well acknowledged as called Madagascar which is the fourth leading island (Total Area = 587041 sq km) all across the world as well as is renowned for its flora and fauna genus preponderance of which are widespread to this nation itself. Furthermore, Madagascar is known to be one of the numerous poorest countries all across the world. The national capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo.

    Now about the Humpback Whale:

    The humpback whale (also known as Megaptera novaeangliae) is actually a baleen whale. It is identified as one of the few larger rorqual kind found within a variety of oceans as well as seas all across the world. In addition the Humpback whale has an extraordinary body shape that comprises of extremely long pectoral fins as well as a twisted head. Over and over again found in situation of animation, the fully developed humpbacks can be almost 12-16 m in length as well as weight virtually 36,000 kg. In addition to this the male humpbacks are time and again heard ‘singing’ as well that in general lasts for almost 10-20 mins. Humpbacks are as well identified to be immigrants covering an area up to 25,000 km per annum. They consume barely in summer season as well as their food for the most part comprises of krill, planktonic crustaceans that are similar to shrimp as well as small fish. Whilst making an attempt to grab hold of their quarry, these humpback whales might smack the water by means of their long fins or else can even molest them straight. They move around to tropical or else sub-tropical water as to rise in winter season. These humpbacks can survive up to almost 50 yrs.

    Humpback Whales at Isle-Sainte-Marie

    Mating put on show around this time is as well an additional mesmerizing treat for all of the whale-watchers. All through this time these whales practically envelop the complete island as well as one can easily get exceptional quick look of these creatures traveling all the way through the constricted channel, which separates Isle Sainte Marie as of the mainland Madagascar. Moreover the prospect of these whales eating within groupings is as well a magnificent one.

    Isle Sainte Marie is for the most part roofed by means of orchids as well as lemur-covered palm in addition to mango trees. The constructive coral reefs as well proffer glorious diving as well as snorkeling chances.

    Humpback Whales at Antongil Bay

    Antongil Bay is the largest bay as well as is positioned at the northeastern coastline of the island of Madagascar; in addition Antongil Bay is an imperative reproduction terra firma for the humpback whale. Moreover a huge of whales assembles at this place from the month of July up to September each year.

    The various other tourist attractions at Sainte Marie, as well as Antongil Bay and Madagascar are as follows
    • Band that plays Malagasy music
    • Mouth-watering chicken dishes cooked in coconut
    • Make out baobab trees that are found at Andohahela National reserve
    • Take pleasure in dhow sailing as of Nosy Be

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