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  • Art of chisel on the Rocks! - Western Gilf Kebir

    Mon, Feb 15, 2010


    The pictography and paintings in the caves are very much captivating, intriguing and fascinating. These are those pictures of past that we always want to look at, so that we could see the life they lived, their views and more over these paintings always be special to us for they act as a testament of the glorious era of past and of those years when the man did not know the time and has so much of time. They displayed their art on rocks and caves, when there were no papers or canvases, yet nothing stopped their creativity and imagination to come out. Though the paintings are not done in much of color or rather are just carvings on the walls of caves or on rocks, yet they show so much of reality and alluring us to far and wide and may be to remote places just to see them and marvel on these marvelous Rock art.

    A Rock art site, recently discovered in Western Gilf Kebir has created ripples of enthusiasm in hearts of rock art enthusiasts and its popularity is bringing tourist to this desert from far and wide. The paintings and engravings are well done and so well preserved, totally amazing and astonishing site, under a large semi circular shelter. It’s more amazing and larger the Wadi Sora.

    Few words are nothing and there it may takes volumes to cover the rock art, of this art site, but to put it simply the pictures of rock art of Western Gilf Kebir,  its superb job of showing what the life, animals and living was of those ancient and primitive era.

    A very fascinating carving or painting was of negative of handprints, it was so unique, you will feel like putting your palm on it and check out the size difference, but that’s not right and how much it is of value and more over its importance. There were few headless animals, although the symbolism is not much clear about what it is trying depict, much like Wadi Sora, all these are paintings and engravings, rather a combination of all these methods is making those figures. Over all the painting and the rock art is very detailed and intricate and everything is very well sheltered. The art is no neat and so well done, with such primitive tools, it is very much remarkable and hats off to the artist of those era and all these done without even charging a million of dollars or hoping of auctioning it at Sotheby’ s.

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