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  • Uganda: The Place for Game Parks and Lakes

    Wed, Feb 17, 2010


    The country of Uganda is landlocked. Despite this fact, there are several massive water bodies. Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake Kyoga, and Lake Edward are the famous lakes of Uganda. Uganda is located on the East African plateau. The country is 900 meters above sea level.

    Uganda is tropical in nature. However, the climate varies between different parts of the country. The place is famous for several offshore islands off Lake Victoria. The important cities of the country are located toward the south. The capital city of Kampala and Entebbe are two popular cities.

    The rivers are central to the development of the country. The White Nile is by far the most important of all. It is one of the longest in the country. Lake Victoria serves as its source while its destination is the great Mediterranean Sea.

    The flag of Uganda has three primary colors: red, black, and yellow. Red is the symbol of brotherhood. Black stands for the African race, and yellow is the symbol for sunshine.

    Uganda is renowned all over the world for its game parks. They offer some of the best viewing of the game species. If you want to be part of the African jungle experience, there is no better place than Uganda. The Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, and Bwindi National Park are three famous parks in Uganda. The wildlife is not just restricted to games; it also includes lions, elephants and the giant forest hog.

    • Queen Elizabeth National Park
      The diversity of the wildlife and ecosystems is a feast for the eyes. Once in the park, you can indulge in boat trips, game drives, or walks. Alternatively, you simply enjoy the picturesque views. The ecosystems support a wide range of species.

    • Murchison Falls National Park
      The park is home to riparian forests, swamps, and broad Savannah. Traveling upstream to witness the falls is one of the best experiences. Some of the common species of animals include the elephant, giraffe, buffalo, and crocodiles. The hartebeest, antelope, and shoebill stork are other species found in large numbers.

    • Bwindi National Park
      The Impenetrable Forest of Bwindi has been granted world heritage status. It is considered to be the safest place to view habituated gorillas of Africa. Also popular are chimpanzees and many bird species. Some of the activities that you can indulge in include guided gorilla treks. The tropical rainforests are home to thousands of bird and butterfly species.

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