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How to Choose the Best Car Rental Company

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Looking for the best car rental company to deal with and you do not know which one? Car rental services have become popular for travelers on self-drive safaris in East Africa. But with so many car rental companies which ever mushrooming up, to choose the best to deal with is the most challenging part of planning a safari. Among other factors to look out when choosing the best car hire company/agency to deal with in Uganda or Rwanda include reliability, trustworthiness, convenience.

Tips for choosing the best car rental company

The reputation of a car rental company

The reputation of a car rental company you plan to deal does matter when choosing the best car hire company, first you need to find out how reputable that company is. Higher chances are a reputable car hire company can avail more reliable car hire services and at end you get value for your money. Nearly every car rental company’s site has reviews and rating from their previous clients which you too can use to guide you appropriately to understand if their services are prompt. Read more on ‘about us’ pages to ascertain how long they have been in service and the longer period/experience, the better.

The rates and other offers

Every car rental agency has its set prices for rental cars and selecting the best to deal with, make sure that you know how much their cars can be hired. Read through various car hire company websites and compare their rates so that you get one whose prices are within your wallet and also come with other better offers. Comparing different rates from different companies will help you save for other things that may be of significance while you are on a holiday in Uganda or Rwanda.

Check out for complementary services

Every car hire company in Rwanda or Rwanda has something additional to provide clients as way to outcompete others. Check if the car rental agency you plan to deal with does offer for instance road assistance, road maps, GPS, mobile phone to mention but a few.

Customer care

You need to know which services are offered and when customer care is very key when choosing the best car rental company to deal with in Uganda or Rwanda. Because a customer is the boss, we value all our clients and as soon as you hit on contact us, we shall get back to you as soon as possible. Feel free and ask all what you need to know and we shall get you every detail you would like to know about your rental car.


Deal with a car hire company that is going to make it as convenient for you as the renter as possible. This will help you save not only time but also money. Reserve a rental car with a car hire company earlier before your actual trip since this usually comes with incredible offers say discounts.

Choose car hire company whose rentals cars have comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance is added advantage since it protects car hire company from expenses especially in cases of collision damages as well as motor third party. This means you won’t be responsible for related expenses. But this doesn’t mean that insurance covers your health and so make sure that you have personal insurance sorted for safety reasons.

Human interaction

Human interaction is vital since it helps you find out what time to pick up the car and drop off time as well as other details, for instance extra charges in case of late drop off, restrictions and many others. Note you won’t find answers for all questions online or by reading through commonly asked questions. A face to face interaction with reservation team at their office can earn you adequate details for you to understand clearly before making any transaction.


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