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How to Get Cheap a Rental Car for Self Drive in Uganda


You might be confused on where to get the cost effective means of transport once on your safari in Uganda, the country is blessed to have all means of transport that will make your stay comfortable. As a tour company, we would like to provide you with more information on how to get access to the car rentals in Uganda.

There are many types of cars that give you comfort for any safari, the capacity of the cars range from 4 to 30 people and these include the salon cars, mini buses and coasters. This means a car will depend on the number of travel companies you have. Uganda is not good at road and for really you will find them in a bad condition. You are kindly advised to rent your own car that will help you access all the national parks that you want to see on your trip. The 4×4 safari car is one of the best cars that can manage the roads in Uganda. When it comes to Uganda weather, you can never tell because it keeps on changing thus get prepared.

Uganda is competitive because of its tourist attractions, but this can’t stop you from getting a cheap rental car. The best way to have a good deal is to have long Uganda safari tour; these are usually considered much and are given at a discount than someone who is going to take short safari.

Like the great tourists do, these will adventure the whole country and get your own car and travel to all parts of Uganda since it’s a small country that can be explored using public means that might be difficult for you can’t tour all the places that you want. This means that you are advised to come prepared and ready to hire a car that will simplify your journey to Uganda.

Hiring a car can be done online with in no time. Sighting seeing can well be done by using a rental car; they are spacious and have an open roof that will enable catch a good glance of the park view. Hiring cars in Uganda are really affordable and will give a good experience of your safari.
Always check the different websites of different car hire companies; these companies put discounted rates for their clients and these are for a short time, so always be kin to check the specified dates for the rates so that you can go on and book the car or vehicle needed.


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