Kamppala Boda Boda Tour

8 Tips to Help You Travel Like a Local in Africa

Would you like to skip the tourist traps and travel Africa like a local? Meet the locals The first step to living like a local on...
Travel Secrets

7 Secrets to Travel Safe in Africa: Tips for Visitors

You’ve got the plane ticket, the hotel reservation, the itinerary. But have you given any thought or taken any steps to protect your health...

How to Get Cheap a Rental Car for Self Drive in Uganda

You might be confused on where to get the cost effective means of transport once on your safari in Uganda, the country is blessed...

4×4 Self Drive Adventures in Africa: Tips for Beginners

Congratulations on taking the plunge and hiring a 4X4 for an awesome off-road African adventure! As a newbie to the wonderful world of 4-wheel drive,...

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