How to Get Cheap a Rental Car for Self Drive in Uganda

You might be confused on where to get the cost effective means of transport once on your safari in Uganda, the country is blessed...

How to Plan A Successful African Safari

Africa is among the countries with lots of attractions a waiting for tourists to see and explores.  Examples of tourist attractions in Africa include...
Nyiragongo Volcanoes

Top 5 Safari Experiences in the DR Congo

Despite the past civil wars and unrests, that disrupted safaris to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the country is undeniably a hidden treasure. The...
Kamppala Boda Boda Tour

8 Tips to Help You Travel Like a Local in Africa

Would you like to skip the tourist traps and travel Africa like a local? Meet the locals The first step to living like a local on...
Burkina Faso Tours

Exciting Tours At Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a beautiful country in Western Africa. Surrounded by six fascinating countries this landlocked beauty has Mali to the north, Benin to...

Attractive Tourist Places You Should Visit Once in a Life

Four test playing nations. A former World Number One lost its way to experience one of the lowest points in the annals of their...

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