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  • Travel To The Great Pyramids At Giza And The Sphinx

    Thu, Nov 26, 2009


    Sphinx of Giza is one of the world’s largest and oldest statues. It is statue look alike a lion sitting with a human head. It is also known as “Shesib Ankh”. It stands on the Giza Plateau on the west banks of largest Nile River near Cairo in Egypt. It is 73.5m (240 ft) long 6 m (20 ft)wide and 20 m(66 ft) high and one of the largest monolith statue in the world. It is believed that was build by ancient Egyptians in the third millennium and one of the oldest monumental sculptures.

    “The Riddle of the Sphinx” is the original Greek Legend and phrase which asks questions who the model for the face was? When it was built? Whom? It is one of the world’s largest and oldest statues. The original name and purpose to build this statue is still not known, Old Kingdom does not describes its history any where. However the common name as Sphinx was given to this statue because of its Classical antiquity after 2000 years with the reference to a Greek mythological beast with a lion’s body a woman’s head and wings of eagle. It is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

    Great Pyramid of Giza

    There are three main pyramids of Giza, the Great Pyramid of Khufu, The Pyramid of Kafhre and the smaller pyramid of Menkaura. In front of all is the pyramid of Sphinx which is also known as Abu al-Hol as “Father of Terror” in Arabian language. They was build as tombs for kings and Queens and it was a tradition in the old and middle kingdoms. There are more than 93 pyramids in Egypt but pyramids of Giza are most famous around the world.

    The Great Sphinx was built in approximately 2500 B.C. it is mentioned by the modern Egyptologists and was built by pharaoh Khafre was a builder of the pyramids at Giza. There were some problems with the Great Sphinx as described in Selim Hassan’s writings in 1949. The credit of erecting this world’s amazing statue was given to Khafre. But there is not even a single contemporary inscription which shows that it was built by Khafre so Egyptologists treat it as circumstantial. It was lucky turn which reveals the world a reference to the history of Sphinx. Selim Hassan also says that the location of the Sphinx is surrounded by the Second Pyramid which is traditionally connected with Khafra, through this it was said that Sphinx was built by Khafra. Apart from this the Sphinx also includes the Sphinx Temple and Valley Temple which are of same style with 200 tones stone blocks. A buried statue of Khafra was found from the debris in the Valley Temple which for treated as support for the Khafra theory. While another Egyptologist Thomas Young found the some different things about the Khafra which does not shows any link between Khafra and the Sphinx.

    The pyramids of Gaza and Khufu are the major attractions near Sphinx. You can also enjoy the visit at Solar Boat Museum which displays the ancient boats which survived from that time. Pyramids of Menkaure and Khafre, and Egyptian Museum are the best places to visit. Overall there are 22 sites to visit around Egypt.

    Best time to Visit and Accommodations

    Mid October to May is the peak travel season in Egypt and is the best time to visit. The prices go up in winter and spring as it is the highest tourist season. Prior reservations in hotels are advisable in this season as hotels and other accommodation goes really expensive in this period of time. Temperature is high from May to October in most southern parts of the country. You can experience a good time and peace visit in summer. It will be easy for you to take photographs without getting disturbed by the strangers. Although huge population from Arab can be seen in summer covering most of the Egypt hotels. So if you are able to bear the summer heat visit Egypt and get discounts and offers on accommodation. Spring season is moderate that runs from March and April with the help of Khansim winds which blows from the desert caring sand and dust and quiet adventurous.

    Egypt Hotels

    Alcohol is not allowed in the month of Ramadan so most people avoid visiting in this month. Most of the restaurants and tourist sited usually remain close at least two hours a day during this time. The day time in this holy month is very calm but everything gets active in the evening when people break their fast. It is a month long lovely festival in Egypt. In this period of time people enjoy full nights at coffee shops and don’t usually sleep they go out and have fun.

    Currency Information

    The Egyptian pound is the local currency of Egypt which is divided into 100 piaster. It is called as Genaeh in Arabic language. You will find 25 to 50 piaster notes and coins. At present $1 is equal to 6.2 Egyptian Pounds.

    Traveling Services and other Information
    • There are three main bus operators based in Cairo and mostly connected to cover all of the Egypt. The Super Jet Bus Companies Super Jet Stations are located in Almaza (Heliopolis), Turguman Square (Tahrir), Giza and Cairo Airport.
    • Cairo airport is located 22Km to the south east of centre of Cairo. 30-45 minutes is the average time to go any where from airport. There are two Terminals at the airport. Terminal one for Domestic flights like Egypt Air and Terminal two for other Airlines. Confirm your flights 48 hours before departure.
    • Egypt is cheap as compare to other countries. Entry fees to the sites are cheaper, flying, rail and road fare are very reasonable. You can also get an organized package trip in $500 with accommodation. Many travel agencies offer packages on a cheaper rate.
    • There are two types of Egyptian Visas, Tourist Visa and Entry Visa. Tourist visa is usually valid for a period of three months and granted either for single entry or multiple entry basis. Entry Visa is issued for the purpose other than tourism. The possession of valid Entry Visa is needed to complete the residence procedure in Egypt.

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