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  • The Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

    Fri, Feb 12, 2010

    South Africa

    The Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is situated at the base of the Drakensberg escarpment in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The centre for rehabilitation is in close proximity to the Kruger National Park. The centre is a perfect breeding ground for injured and abandoned wildlife.

    Tremendous care is imparted to the wildlife from all over South Africa. The wildlife is not housed permanently. They are released in their natural habitats once they are fully fit. Some injuries are permanent in nature. Such species cannot be returned to their natural habitats. In such cases, they serve as a means of study and research.

    Some of the wildlife species are cared for because they belong to the endangered species. These species undergo specific breeding programs. The crowned eagle and serval are two such endangered species. The Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is the only place in the whole of South Africa to successfully breed the crowned eagle.

    The centre runs entirely on funds from the public. The rehab centre was operational from the year 1992. Wildlife enthusiast, J.A. Strijdom’s, game farm has been used as the premises for the centre. Brian Jones is credited as the founder of the center. He is said to have brought a crowned eagle and a day-old zebra on his visit. Through word-of-mouth the fame of the rehab centre spread far and wide.

    As the costs of medicines and food grew, the centre began to impose an entrance fee. The guided tours, too, began to get popular.

    Visiting the centre gives you a hands-on view on the rehabilitation work carried out. You will also get a sense of the conservation strategies to protect wildlife. Make the most of the guided tours to witness the range of wildlife species. Lions, leopards, cheetah, caracal, servals, and eagles are found in large numbers. Also common are lynx, honey badger, marshal eagle, vultures, and young offspring of common species.

    If you do not wish to avail the guided tours, rent a car to explore the rehabilitation centre. By renting a car, you can view the rehabilitation centre at your own leisure.

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