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Surfing On Victoria Bay

Thu, Dec 10, 2009

South Africa

The Exciting Surfer and Blue Surfing at Victoria Bay.

Just take off The N2 Garden Route between George and Wilderness you arrive at Victoria Bay, for all the more exciting surfing in blue waters of Victoria Bay one of the well known spots in South Africa’s Coast for water sport of Surfing. A annual competition is also held here.

Though its is crowded as it is well known and easy place to break in surfing , its famous so its better to come in weekdays then weekends coz as on weekends local’s fill up the space. The locals here are friendly and cool people to get along with.

Also Called Vic Bay, with world class surfing conditions, even for amateurs, with surf frequency as 150 a day per year. Great long wave’s i.e. right point break, normal length being 150 and can go high up to 300 m on a normal good day. The tides have swell from 1m/3ft and holding up to 4m+/12 ft.

Also you have guides and trainers available for help and coaching, children can break from the point and for beginners can walk along little promenade’ by short paddle in the back line. Its better to avoid the peaks. The waves are pretty consistent but take due care of rocks in line up. Its great to watch the surfer’s surfing parallel to to the board walk.

It’s an experience and fun filled with excitement and freaking out which may dully flattened you in 8 to 9ft swell but oh what crazy fun and high it will be. Oh those gorgeous waves and you feel like the blue surfer.

Whoa! It calls for surfing time fellows!

Vic bay also offers some fishing spots, among which Jetty is best fishing ground a lovely little place. The fishing time is dawn and dusk. The bay itself is tucked away and there is number campsite‘s and guest houses available. At Vic Bay you can surf, camp and do fishing. There is also a restaurant near by to catch some hamburger and cheese after surfing. You can take a walk or try to watch out whale and dolphins and enjoy the Vic Bay’s endowment. Lets be the Blue surfers of the Blue surfing of Vic Bay.

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