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  • Passion And Obsession Of Honeymoon Stay In Mozambique

    Fri, Jan 1, 2010


    Honeymoon is once in a lifetime when there is only love, more love and so much of love filled in trip. The honeymoon is such an idealistic and quixotic time that hubbies and wives spend together, embarking on journey of exploration of their relationship. The honeymoon trips fills up all the photos displays in home, in memoirs, albums and memories that are cherished life long.

    Honeymoon trips is not some adventure trip or expedition, its time when you make more love then eat and drink. The passion, obsession and zealous love making in bed, on the floor, the bath tub and I can add on more outlandish and erotic places which send the inspirations down!

    A lovers retreat, epitome of honeymoon, inspirational environment, stunning views, astonishing surroundings, remarkable heritage, staggering hospitability and avid and proactive people of Mozambique, Africa. Mozambique has the unique blend of blissful, Luxurious, adventurous, romantic accommodations in Africa. The places awaken the feelings of love, die-hard romance and zeal in the souls. If its honeymoon, people like to have the luxurious place where they can spoil there loved ones. Moreover people end up being in bed most of the time then being out! I mean to sleep well!!!! Well to just give the bed to your beauty sleep (or no sleep at all); there are two some marvelous lodges in Mozambique which you will find irresistible. It’s hard to choose between them. May be you can give both of them a try.

    Marlin Lodge- Awe- inspiring

    Marlin Lodge when you will enter in your suite, just seeing the suite, your wife will come rushing in your arms. She will just love it. That’s just the right beginning you need for… perfect honeymoon. Right suite and right champagne. If even by chance you wake up early morning or rather when you are awake till wee hours in morning (that has better chances!!!) you can see at dawn ( it is the most beautiful scene to see the sun rising here) flamingoes feeding and flying around in the bay. A picture perfect. Just click it man. On the bay, sight of drifting sail boats and rolling dunes. With deep oceanic blue water spread front of your eyes, you are bound to get in love. Did I say get in love? Well honeymoon is all about love, love is in the air, love is in the food, love is in the drink its all lovey dovey time! Its intimate and coochie-coo time!

    Marlin Lodge’s- Quintessence of luxury

    With Mozambique’s incredible beauty, Marlin Lodge’s luxurious accommodations give a compliment to the islands striking landscape. Marlin Lodge has seventeen exclusive, chic and well designed chalets. It just sets the right mood, intimate setting and gives privacy while on African honeymoon. Every chalet has its own private walkway to the beach, en-suite with facilities of indoor-outdoor showers. It has private veranda, two lounges, strong enough place (keep this in mind!), two deck chairs (even one could have been ok?) where you can sit and see the sun rise and sun set. The deck has the potted plants and greenery around which adds to the place. Enjoy the lovely moments of twilight. The chalet provides the elegant and pleasing to eye interiors, keeping up with the African essence. Flamingo beach bay is just short distance, if you wish to go for a romantic stroll. With excellent features and amenities your stay will be definitely be pleasure.

    Want to give a romantic surprise to your spouse?

    Bush Bath- it is offered to couple on honeymoon. It will be an unforgettable experience. All you can is ask for it. Just add a special note to it, signed with lots of love. Make your spouse feel like a royal, a walk on petals of roses and then into the zinc tub filled with bubble bath and rose petals, aroma candles and soft instrumental music playing by. Dip her gently into the tub and get along with her in another tub and enjoy yourself the romantic excursion on your private deck with spectacular view of sun and sea. Seems like a dream. Enjoy the whole setting with chilled bottle of wine.

    Marlin Lodge has given attention to every intricate details. Exceptional attention has been given to offer the lifetime experience of honeymoon. The staff here ensures that your stay is pleasurable. The dining here is delicious affair with food. Be it in the sandbar, on your privacy of chalet, restaurant or some secluded romantic location under the sky filled up with stars and moon, you are right to get the meal which is appetizing and scrumptious with aroma of romance. Highlight with the guests here is Marlin’s Beach Barbeque, with superb fresh seafood. At poolside you are served with sundowner cocktails, there is lounge and a bar and on going light music and perfect ambience to chill out in the evening. Supporter of Slow Food and Wine movement, it uses fresh, local grown and organic produce. Here you can have varied cuisines of Mozambique, Portuguese and Asian flavors. You even get a chance to cook with the Lodge’s Chief Chef, it will be nice learning experience as well as a surprise meal that you will cook for your spouse which is bound to be tasty with some help. They have a very good spa services available to help you relax and spa treatments.

    Marlin Lodge has in house diving place where you both can enjoy your passion under the water with some fishes and turtles. It has a cultural Dhow cruise and some non-motorized water sports. If you like adventure you can venture into scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, island game-drives and whale watching tours. And definitely you can chill and relax at the beach with some swimming if you want to do.

    The services are world class and it provides good hospitality and the perfect ambience for the best trip of your life- the honeymoon trip. You will take with you the cherishing memories from here. Marlin Lodge just adds the right the right ingredients to the love concoction.

    Benguerra Lodge- Irresistible magic force of desires

    Benguerra Lodge is epitome of tranquility, privacy, seclusion and romance. On the historical Mocambique channel, on the incomparable African island, washed by the warm waves of turquoise waters of Indian Ocean, is a unique and enchanted paradise Benguerra Lodge.

    The lodge is intimate and has such a magical charm, staff and people here have some magic with which they offer hospitality and personalized services and are proactively help the honeymooners with the knowledge of this beautiful natural environment. The ambience has rich and royal touch of East African and Arabic feel that shows in its décor and delectable food. The place is in center of the mesmerizing natural greenery environment and is surrounded by forest and the astonishing, enchanting silver-white beach of Benguerra bay, giving you barefoot luxury. Benguerra is a passionate place with dream come true feel.

    Benguerra bay gives the honeymooners to just fell in love once more. Little little the love blooms with your stay at benguerra. With your stay here you will forget that any other world exist, it’s just you both, holding hand and hand and seeing together the marvel of nature and just love and peace around. As the waves touch the shore, more intimate moments will happen and you will come closer and closer. You will just be crazy in love and it will be like you are in heaven. The place has a magic and charms to transfigure you into people who are just born to love each other.

    Benguerra is one of the most diverse lodge with all the best luxuries in Mozambique. You will be baffled and bewildered as to what place you will choose her to stay.

    The Cabanas

    Right on the edge of the beach, they are built. The décor inspires passion and zeal, the interiors are romantic and elegant, and these suites offer the ultimate chance to experience the island getaway.

    With queen sized bed, large bathroom with bath (large bath tub too) and outdoor shower. Adding to this small palace is private deck with Jacuzzi, a plunge pool and sun loungers to chill out and relax. Also you have mini bar all to yourself. The décor is of earthy hues and materials, light sweeping fabrics just making it so beautiful place.

    The Casitas – a home away from home

    It’s the unique blend of Arabic style with Safari chic. It’s spacious and luxurious with queen size bed, lounge area and on the timber deck you have a plunge pool. And to dine in starry night and romantic meals there is outdoor gazebo. The setting of the place is so, that you feel serene and tranquil nature and its surroundings. It pleases the senses well and awe-inspiring. Right inside your spacious suit you feel close to the Mozambique beauty, in secluded and private suit. Overlooking the vast sea, it has direct entry to Sala, to lounge on the beach chairs. A private butler who shall cater to all your whims and needs.

    The Villa Chibuene and The Villas

    The villas here are the finest example of exclusivity and privacy. Its also good place for family stay or if you are with some companion couples with you. The private facilities and intimate luxurious furnishings, it is an ideal place for comfort and feels like a paradise. A personal butler and a personal chef who prepares the meal of your choice. With queen size beds, en-suite bathrooms with copper baths, in intricate mosaic lays are the outdoor showers, a comfortable and chic lounge and dining area. It has direct beach access. Also they provide with satellite television, audio system and collection of very good books. With a private wooden deck you can bask in sun and feel the grandeur of Africa’s natural beauty. On the rooftop terrace with Bedouin shade, enjoy the night time where you can make love reach to eminent height. Villas have chic and Arabic décor, showering in the glory of Africa.

    Benguerra has very good spa services which brings lots of people here. The massages are very relaxing and intoxicating. The spa treatment is feels good and definitely anhances your beauty.

    Benguerra meals are comprised mainly of freshly caught seafood, deliciously cooked prawns, crab and crayfish. Traditional Mozambican cuisine, Portuguese flavors and a variety of delicious dishes making up the daily menus. Though guests with any special dietary requirements can also be individually catered for.

    Benguerra has so much to give and you really feel your stay should have been long even though you must have stayed for some good many days, you just don’t feel like going back. It’s just magical and miracle here. With so much to discover and explore within yourself and on island. You can travel in Landrovers or on foot; benguerra has so much to offer you. With excellent facilities for you to do snorkeling to check out the magnificent reefs, go sailing and boating. There will be guides for your assistance. Indulge in countless hours of relaxation in the exotic beach and under coconut palms, delight in the watching the birdlife here listening to there songs, you may chance upon a visit in the historic freshwater lakes but beware it has crocodiles, don’t panic thoug its chance to be seen as a hero! Have an experience of sailing in a traditional Dhow cruise and keep a look out in the seas for the legendary dugongs…  You can choose to do as much, or as little, as you like.

    The list of fun and excitement you can enjoy are:
    • Diving & Snorkelling
    • Fishing
    • Dhow cruises
    • Castaway picnics
    • Landrover trips
    • Bird watching
    • Island walks
    • Village visits
    • Sea kayaking
    • Catamaran Cruises
    • Horse Riding

    The Benguerra emphasizes on giving privacy, a warm, intimate and friendly hospitality and fine services that makes people who visit satisfied and makes them to come back again and again.

    In the pristine beauty of Benguerra Lodges, under its magic create and break the boundaries of love and have the dream honeymoon of your life.

    May your honeymoon be the best time in your life and it is the best thing happening to you. Just keep loving!

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