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Explore Upemba National Park of DR Congo

Upemba Wildlife

Ever thought about wildlife safaris in Democratic Republic of Congo? Founded in 1939, Upemba National Park the biggest protected area that lies in the Katanga province, Southeastern DR Congo. It is ranked as one of the ideal destinations for wildlife viewing in DR Congo especially for the Okapi species, Birding safaris particularly the for the elusive shoebills, cultural visits and others. It is popular for its intense wildlife species in the area though it is threatened by the acts of poachers, pollution and many activities of refugees and militia. It features several varied bioregions including the savanna that straddles at 1400 to 1800 meters with rocky outcrops that divides the affluent of the Lufira River that flows into the Kamalando depression and from there into the swamps and Lakes (585 meters) of the Upemba wetlands.  As you head towards the East, it is dominated by the Kibara plateau with its wooded foothills and high altitude savanna plateau, the center by the basin of the Lufira from the Kiobo waterfall to the marshes which border the Lake and in the South by a straight and long grassy plateau from Kayo to the Lufira. The park’s deep gorges, cliffs and waterfalls and its marshes and Lakes make up the striking contrast to its vast savanna which positions it as one of the most spectacular landscapes in the country. If you are planning for any safaris in Upemba National Park in DR Congo,  you can follow our complete guide that features important information on wildlife in Congo, best time to visit and tour as well as how to reach to this incredible park.

Getting around Upemba National Park

Upemba National Park is found in Katanga province, about 400 kilometers from and border with Angola and Zambia as well as Tanzania. It features both the wet and dry spell; with rainfall amount of about 120cm which denotes that its accessibility can begin using water transportation means in order to cross from Tanzania/by land/air. You can contact Lubumbashi International Airport in Lubumbashi for international flights to help you reserve your Congo safaris in DR Congo.

Where to spend a night in Upemba National Park

There are several well developed accommodation facilities around the city and the park itself. As you get into the park, there are nice accommodation facilities, hotels to help you have the most wonderful night while in your Congo safaris with our authorized safari company.

When to visit Upemba National Park

Upemba National Park is found in the Itombwe plateau and it features among the ideal destinations for you to get the best of wildlife safari experiences. Wildlife viewing is an all day round activity in the park but its dry season falls in the months of October to January and at this time, the park can be dry and easier to transverse. The dry season therefore is the best for one to visit but visiting during wet season also is possible. The wet season begins in the months of March to June and the ground can be muddy.

What to sight in Upemba national park

There are numerous wildlife species for one to catch a glimpse. Some of them include the 30 species of cyprinidae, mormyridae, barbus, mochokidae, alastidae and cichlidae among others. Birds like the shoebills, wattled crane, and spotted ground thrush and many more. Not to forget the Schmidt’s snouted frog the only popular specie in the park.

Location of Upemba National Park

The park lies between latitudes 9 degrees 5’ and 8 degrees45’ south and longitude 25 degrees 50’ and 27 degrees 10’ east. During its establishment in 1939, its surface area covered about 17730 square kilometers and featured as the biggest park in African continent. In July 1975 the limits were reversed and currently it stands at 10000 square kilometers with an annex of a further 3000 square kilometers.

Ecosystem in Upemba National Park

The park features distinct landscapes and ecosystems which make it rich and fantastic; valleys, grassy savanna plateau, shrub, high plateau scattered with forest galleries and massive valley of the Kamalando depression where flows the River Lualaba which is destined to be River Congo.

Fishing in Upemba National Park

The park is known for its ten (10) big fishing Lakes subject to legal exploitation of their resources. The fishermen have formed local cooperatives and they fish between March and November.

In conclusion, Upemba National Park is another exciting destination that you shouldn’t miss to visit while in your safari holiday in Democratic Republic of Congo. The park offers the best wildlife safaris, birding and cultural safaris. Include it into your itinerary and you won’t regret visiting DR Congo!


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