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  • Miracle Of Bazaruto Archipelago

    Mon, Dec 28, 2009


    You might have visited many islands that are eco-friendly and gives you pleasure. In fact, the features might be very attractive with deep blue sky, crystal clean water, exotic beauty of the nature, greenery etc. But what you have not visited and experienced is the mind-blowing site called Bazaruto Archipelago. It’s a group of five islands that include Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, Bangue and Santa Carolina which is also called as Paradise Island. This group increases the glory of Mozambique that lies close to the mainland city of Vilankulo.

    These islands were created from sand deposits of Limpopo River that now has moved its course. No wonder, this is a wonderful location for tourists who loves adventure and nature as well. This site offers sandy beaches, coral reefs and also activities to its visitors like surfing and fishing. Besides this, you can also try water sports, scuba diving, bird watching and much more activities at the archipelago that has became a National Park in the year 1971.

    Bazaruto Archipelago is a set of paradise that is totally different from all the islands in the world. This worth visiting site not only offers plenty of activities but also spreads the natural color to soothe our eyes. This is a site that cannot be compared with the others in the world. This place not only offers you all these things but also provides you with the luxurious accommodations, cultural learning experience and a tourism-free atmosphere.

    The major part of these islands is that the Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of five untouched islands. When it is said that these islands are untouched this means they are free from commercial and tourism institutions like. This includes no roads, no shops and no tourist attractions. And only because of this you will be offered with a natural world and its culture which could be experienced entirely.

    This is the best place for vacation and you all should at least once visit to this natural beauty. Towards the north, the Quirimbas Archipelago comprises of 32 coral islands and even they are untouched and undeveloped to offer the best to the nature lovers. The Archipelago has received an honor as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’.

    For accommodation you have Indigo bay on Bazaruto which is the largest and most luxurious Lodge in this place. Besides this, you can also accommodate your room at Benguerra Lodge on Benguerra, Marlin Beach Lodge on Benguerra, Dugong Lodge on the San Sebastion Peninsula, Vilanculos Beach Lodge in Mainland Vilanculos, Bazaruto Lodge, Casa Rex in Mainland Vilanculos, Flamingo Bay, Azura Retreat, BArra Lodge and Pomene Bay Lodge.

    To reach at this place you have Vilanculos and Inhassoro which is the gateways to the islands. From the mainland you will get dhow that functions only for the daytrips. If you are staying at the luxurious resorts on the islands then you can also arrange a direct seaplane flight from Maputo. To visit around you have only one option as boats that function between the islands.

    Here you will get to see the seabird species, fishes, coral species and marine mammal species. You will also experience watching the dugong population at this place. At the windward side of the islands you will experience frequent waves striking the coastline.

    This national park is among the major parks in the Indian Ocean and is one of the most wonderful destinations on the African Continent.

    This site is famous for diving in the world. At this clear water that has a depth of about 12 to 30 metres and visibility of 40 metre, you can experience many lives like dolphins, hump back whales, whale sharks, sharks, manta and spotted eagle rays, green and turtles. So enjoy the scuba diving at this place. Besides this, you can also try Dhow Safari, Game fishing and Mozambique Horse Safari.

    Enjoy the Dhow Safari with deep blue waters, sandy beaches, palm trees and pristine coral reefs. For game fishing you should come at the months of October to January. You can experience the Marlins into the water and also few others like sailfish, king mackerel, bonito, travelly and queen mackerel. This place provides salt water fly fishing like the bonefish. The traditional horse riding can be done at the Benguerra Island through which you can experience the magnificent locations of the islands.

    Apart from all these things, you can also enjoy the Island Tours that offers a huge range of eco-systems that comprises of dunes, grasslands, fresh water lakes and also the huge ocean. Experience sightseeing as well as colorful birds, crocodiles, flamingos and many breath taking sights. This place is a home to more than 164 species of birds including Green coucals, green pigeons, purple banded and black sunbirds, olive bee-eaters, fly catchers and also crab plovers. So just get chill with the island tours.

    Remember if you are not residing at the resorts then you have to pack your food from Vilanculos. And if you are taking a dhow trip then you will get chefs onboard who prepare meals right from the salads to calamari. Few of the resorts will provide alcohol in their restaurants. So you can enjoy them at Archipelago Resort.

    With all these awesome stuffs you can enjoy this place entirely but remember to bring your high SPF sunscreen as the sunburn could be a real risk at these islands. The islands has warm and tropical climate. Due to the exposed position of these islands, the mainland experiences more humidity. So it is recommended to you to use SPF for your comfort and enjoy this exotic location year round except the month of February which is a Cyclone season.

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      The riding in Vilanculos and the Bazaruto Archipelago is absolutely incredible.



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