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Treasures of Luxor to Explore

Wed, Jan 27, 2010


You will never know how days pass by at Egypt! Days will go on and on, and you might realize it when you will be in your hotel room, packing your bags to head towards again to the airport. Five days exploring tombs, pyramids with sightseeing real Egypt was fun in Egypt holidays. I spend my four- five days in city of Luxor, not even thinking, oh, what else is there to see, but still there is so much to see and explore. If you are a lone traveler at Egypt then travel as a common man travels their. The people are friendly there, as I did come across not anyone who would try to rob me, but still do not get too friendly. Yes but be ready to bargain with cabbies there as they charge you more than expected.

First day started off at Cairo, modern day oasis. In morning I reached there, couldn’t wait to see the old Cairo museum. I had reservation done at hotel, not that expensive but room was decent enough to just keep luggage as I had already planned what to do and not to do. After checking and getting freshen up, through hotel I got a cab to see old Cairo. It was fun and exciting, to travel through the city in rusty cab, looking outside the window, few men wearing their traditional robes and sucking flavored hookah on the streets pavement, the old buildings giving perfect sense of old Arabic look. As I had overnight train journey from Cairo to Luxor so wanted to take rest before continuing.

The train journey was quite and comfortable, second-class compartment was not bad at all. The journey was posh and scenic, with air-conditioned compartments, fresh linen, clean wash basin, good dinner, and wake up service, all that you could ask for. In morning at five, I reached at Luxor so it was anyways too early to check, as I had nothing to do, I saw horse carriage outside the hotel. I enquired to the hotel staff and while talking they suggested to checkout the Karnak as there is plenty of time to check into hotel. So I had already completed my beauty sleep so decided to hop onto the carriage go for little sightseeing. Karnak is a vast area with ruins of temples, chapels, pylons and other buildings, but the main attraction is the Great Temple of Amen and huge structure. It’s around two point five kilometers from the north of Luxor, it didn’t take us much time to reach there. It was great to wander through these ruins and some of the structures are so massive in size that you would like an ant in front of it. The karnak temple at luxor.

What fascinated me about Luxor is that, at east bank of River Nile, from where sun rises, its filled by the temples of Amun, Mut, Khonsu, and largely known as Karnak and on the west bank, you will find number of tombs and pyramids, with only logic behind is that, it is thought to be burial place as sun sets there. Then other sights are Aswan, the Aswan Dam, and the important temples (especially Edfu) south of Luxor. To travel here, my hotel staff arranged transportation in minibus with other five to sox tourists holidays. You will get know their experience here and might get tips on traveling.

The area around the Luxor is full of man made structure you can’t missed to see. But try to start your sightseeing in the early morning and finish it off till noon. So you could come back and relax in Luxor for rest of the day, watching dusty children and mud made huts, the whole environment will take you back to Arabian Nights. At times when you get time, rent a bike and visit every nook and corners of the city. I met a woman who showed here hut proudly with pigeons and hens on display in her house. It was couldn’t understand her language but she was happy showing me around her house.

Egypt at time might look frightening but its nothings to worry. To visit here, if you are planning, then book in advance for rooms or in scorching heat period most of the hotel rooms lie vacant. A single cot at hostel will cost two dollars and room with shower, fan, and balcony will cost you twenty dollars. At hundred dollars, you will get good resort with swimming pool and good service. Cabs are pretty cheap and comfortable to travel in noon for sightseeing as each sight is at distance. Agree on a price before departing in a cab or you will e sorry later. Try to bargain, wherever you could, try talking out with hotel staff or guide for good price of the commodities to being something back home, I bought an arty cloth with my name embroidered on it. It’s Awesome!

Take care of your eating habit there as heat might get you and your body, so always carry bottles of water with you. Wear light colored clothes and carry hat with you. Here you will find many people asking for Baksheesh, means tip for their service but do not give more if they ask for. Kids will run around you asking for gifts so carry small amount of change as it’s difficult to get change from hotels. Anyways you will need it all the time for Baksheesh…!

Luxor is great place to explore tombs and temples at west and east banks of River Nile. The best part about journey was the felucca ride on Nile River in the evening. Sailing in the boat and watching sunset and its red rays falling on the water, making way for the stars to come, wow, it was just amazing to end each day on that boat!

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