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Lava Pools - Unlished

Fri, Jan 29, 2010


Our world is a fascinating place and to support this, I could site numerous examples, instances, illustrations and demos.

But Lava Lakes is a fascination to watch and best attraction, be it in these pics attached or pics that you can Google from, these Lava lakes are a magnum of light show’s to some and to some people a catastrophe that has blown their lives. Though am not a volcanologist, but it was some sought of my complete wacky inquisitive that has took me to the aerial tour of a Lava Lake. Sharing this insight with you, can be termed as my immense pleasure or you can think what of what big fool I am to take such a trip when I could have gone to best around the world tour.

To really start with, what is Lava Lake?

In a lay man language so that it’s easy for all to understand, basically Lava Lakes are large amount of molten lava, which are normally presented in a vent of volcanic mountain or the volcanic crater, also in broad depression in earth. Lava lakes are just not the molten magma or lava even the cooled and partly or completely solidified lava can be termed as lava lakes.

How is it formed?

When molten lava flows out from a one or more vents, of the crater and erupting lava is enough that partially fills the crater, or at times a lava flows into the broad depression and fills it or atop a new vent that is erupting lava continuously for some weeks and more, which end up building its crater high and higher above the surrounding ground.

This is just the basic thing you ought to know before admiring those pics and viewing any videos about it. It’s not an easy task to study these Lava Lakes as these are most dangerous grounds in earth and where you are risking your life as burning to death alive. Horrendous, horrific, you know people live around these kinds of places and especially some tribal people who don’t even know about the warning system that government has for volcanoes. You must have seen the movie Volcano and Dante’s Peaks, but it’s much horrific and terrible then those movies can actually present. Being volcanologist is hell of a job man and it really needs a passion and determinations of hardest things in earth that can be diamond.

The five persistent Lava Lakes in the world which are at the summit:
  • Erta Ale, Ethiopia
  • Mount Erebus, Antarctica
  • Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

  • Nyiragongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Ambrym, Vanuatu

The first place that I choose to go, and not going into the details as how I went and where did I stay I will get directly to Erta Ale Ethiopia:

This was the most fascinating site, I must say. This lake is sometimes one lake or it even becomes two. Erta Ale basically means Smoking Mountain and in the local language it means “gateway to hell”. With the searingly hot temperature, I could feel it even though I was right at top at great height eventually after quick close view, the active volcano of Africa I have no initially words to describe it. I don’t wanna call this sight as horrible only but I cannot call it beautiful if you could understand the dilemma that I faced. It’s in Afar depression region, in badlands desert area of Northern Ethiopia, 613 meters high (2.011 ft), at its summit but the whole area is surrounded by an area which are below sea level, and this is the lowest volcanoes in world. The lava occasionally overflows in south side of Erta Ale, also it is the longest existing lava lake, and its presence is since twentieth century in some year believed to be 1906, honestly I was totally stunned or stupefied all through the tour as when I reached the summit and when I actually landed back.

Basically what I saw was the like a wave from some hole the lava was shooting out, and like a wave coming up and then flowing like a river. It was no ordinary sight, bright red and orange magma shooting up and becoming lava. Like fissures or I must say tributaries those lava rivers were flowing through the rocks. And the cooled lava was black and the wave like structure solidified and it was shining and had a luster. as we were approaching the place and even when we left the area not very immediate the rocks we saw there as if burnt and with holes, those rocks were ugly and looked dreadful. Can I be honest if you don’t think that I got scared, it really looked like a place of hell! That gleam, intermittent lights coming from those rocks of mountains was amazing thing. But I really didn’t want to get too close knowing what it actually is. The black solidified lake is also called Lava Lake; a dreadful thing is if a ground water hits hot or molten magma rock then there is explosion eruptions which can harm the settlements there. Living and the livestock’s along with the property get burned alive in many of such accidents in volcanic eruptions. The steam that comes out along with the smoke is very harmful and deadly.

This incredible sight had last major eruption in September 25, 2005 and still additional lava flowing activity took place in 2007 which has forced people to flee and killed some 250 livestock in 2005 and two people missing in 2007 and as many people had to be evacuated and live their property and leave.

I would never forget this sight ever in my lifetime of lava bubbling and spewing out. It was some experience that I would not say as pleasant because there is nothing pleasant about volcano and Lava Lake. Yet this place has its significance which will keep reminding the human about the ever changing and dynamic facet of nature.

As I came back to my suite and stayed in the air conditioned room for some hours didn’t even venture out much after that, it was my home I think that brought me back some pleasant feelings. Though I loved as what I did, and it was absolutely amazing thing yet…

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