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  • Kayaking in the rivers of Central Kenya

    Wed, Mar 17, 2010


    Kayaking or rafting on the Kenyan whitewater is one of the best thrilling experience one can get on this planet. One will taste the virgin wilderness as well as sub-tropical river basins and open desert plains in Kenya. From freshers to the experts, facilities are there for all to explore the beautiful yet unnerving rivers of Africa. Central Kenya (west of Mt Kenya) is ideal for paddlers of all levels. Tourists can enjoy the thrill on a number of rivers (most of Kenya’s rivers are formed from volcanic dykes) ranging from simple low-volume grade III runs to the highly technical medium-volume grade V creaking.

    The thrill:

    Rivers in Kenya are mostly untouched by human influence and that gives one more thrill while exploring them on kayaks or rafts.

    Top features:
    • Kayaking on  major rivers like Thiba and Nyamindi
    • Superior guide by team of whitewater experts
    • Dropping down below 8-metres deep cascade (optional)
    • Viewing wild game like lions, elephants, giraffes and others in Nairobi National Park
    • Sleeping under the stars
    Kayaking/rafting tour itinerary (nine days):
    • Day 1:
      Arrival in Nairobi and checking into hotel in the bustling district of the Westlands. Exploring the city.
    • Day 2:
      Running the Class II/III rapids of Upper Tana River. Riding waves and a 3-metre waterfall (optional) and viewing the spectacle of Kenyan scenery.
    • Day 3:
      Beginning the day at Upper Tana and lunching in Sagana township. Post-lunch boating at Lower Tana.
    • Day 4:
      Most advanced moves in the whitewater of Lower Tana. Making more advanced moves.
    • Day 5:
      Beginning the day with Middle Maragua Class III/IV rapids, including trip to an incredible 30 metre deep waterfall. The experts can try the Lower Maragua (Class IV/V). Intermediates can choose from Irati, Mathioya or North Mathioya rivers.
    • Day 6:
      Exploring the wilderness of Mathioya River. Rafting North Mathioya at around 2,000 meters above the sea level or Tana at 1,500 meters above sea level is quite an experience. Spending the night under star-lit Kenyan sky.
    • Day 7:
      Rafting on Thiba and the Nyamindi and lower Ragati rivers.
    • Day 8:
      Exploring wildlife through Nairobi National Park and return to Nairobi where one can visit the famous carnivore restaurant.

    • Day 9:
      Checking out local markets before taking off.
    Best season for kayaking/rafting:

    April-June and October-December although some rivers remain open throughout the year.

    Kenya Rivers:
    • Tana River:
      High quality waterwater, rich avifauna and scenic beauty and also closeness with Nairobi make Tana a popular site for white water and flip boat trips.

    • Mathoya River:
      This river is more suitable. for the advanced rafters and kayakers. The 30 km long river has 500 metres of descent
    • Athi River:
      Located about 230 km from Nairobi, a minimum of three days is required to explore this river. Expedition can start near the town of Thika and conclude near Malindi on Indian Ocean.
    • Ewaso-Ng’iro River:
      A classic site for white water rafting/kayaking and wildlife viewing. Water level reliability is, however, poor.
    • Other Rivers like Nzoia and Yala have reasonable water but the adjoining area is heavily populated.
    • Chania and Thiba still to be explored.

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