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  • Kasbah Of Algiers: Testament Of Culture And Tradition

    Mon, Dec 21, 2009


    Medina is an Islamic city, Kasbah of Algiers us unique medina, as it is founded on the ruins of old Icosium. It is a small city that stands on the coastal sites of Mediterranean, which overlooks those islands on which Carthaginian trading post was made in forth century. It was a Phoenician commercial outpost which later then developed into a small roman town. The city is built on hills and as it goes down towards the sea, it’s divided in tow i.e. the high City and Low city.

    Kasbah is the most intriguing and fascinating part of Algiers.

    The must visit place are masonries and mosques of the 17th century. Ketchaoua mosque which was built in 1794, by the Dey Baba Hassan is flanked by two minarets is astonishing monument architecture. Mosque el Djedid, built in 1660 during the time of Turkish regency which has a large finished ovoid cupola points and its four coupolettes. There is also mosque El Kébir, Dar Aziza, mosque Ali Betchnin, palace of Jénina. This is finest example of Islamic culture and architecture, which such well designed exquisite interiors and beautiful exteriors. You will come across many old ruins and ancient monuments across this city its great time to explore this city. The remains of citadel and Ottoman- style palaces is the attraction for the traveler and so is the Kasbah’s traditional structure’s remains.

    In the Kasbah, there are is confusing labyrinths of lanes and dead alleys which is bedecked with houses that are very picturesque. Here the streets are connected to each other by of alleys. The houses are lined in the streets and are made up of stones and the houses are whitewashed. Houses are square with flat topped structures. And there is no window in the houses; instead they have few slits in the walls on which there are iron gratings. In the center of house there is quadrangle and to reach there, there are number of narrow doorway. The shops are just openings in the walls and have no other different structure. As you travel there you can buy wide variety of products in the market. These products are there traditional art and handicraft, also embroidery and ornaments in gold and silver. They are most exquisite and superb for they are still made in traditional way and still have the old traditional effect on them.  Kasbah has a mixed population comprising Arabs, Moors, Negroes and Jews. While exploring and admiring the city one looses itself in its architecture, structure, and ancient ruins, it will be a beautiful walk down as you can go towards the sea.

    Kasbah of Algiers is “World Heritage site”, it has been designated and inscribed in the list because it’s a world Heritage sight which has “outstanding universal value” under the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

    It is exceptional because there is deep rooted sense of community in Kasbah. Here you feel going back in those ancient times and its absolutely beautiful Islamic Renaissance architecture and culture. As the world is turning into skyscrapers and housing in condos, visiting Kasbah will be an all the more outstanding experience to see the native and old simple lifestyle.

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