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  • Exploring the desert Lake Turkana in Kenya

    Fri, Mar 12, 2010


    Lake Turkana is located at the far Northern frontier in Kenya, moreover is regarded as one of the numerous natural wonders of the world.

    Lake Turkana is an enormous inland sea, in addition is known to be the deserted largest lake in the world (with a total area around 6,405 sq km). This particular body of saline water is more than 250 km long, which is a little longer when compared with the complete coast of Kenya.

    Lake Turkana is far and wide well-known as the Jade Sea, as of the outstanding, almost luminous, color of the waters of the lake. Subsequent to a long journey all the way through the scorching deserts in addition to lava flows from Northern Kenya, the spectacle of this enormous body of dazzling turquoise water approaches as an absurd, ghostly vision.

    Lake Turkana is a starting place of life for a number of the majority remote tribes in Kenya. The Turkana Lake, with inherited ties to th regions of Uganda, survive a semi-nomadic subsistence in the region of the Lake. The smallest tribe of the country, the El Molo, survives a hunter-gatherer continuation on the seashores, in the various villages of characteristic curved reed huts.

    Lake Turkana history has been for all times regarded as one of the few longest living histories all across the earth, in addition to current fossil proof uncovered at Koobi Fora has shown a way to the Lake moreover is now mentioned as referred ‘The Cradle of Mankind’.

    This particular site is located at the core of the Sibiloi National Park, which is regarded as a place of barren prettiness as well as antediluvian scared forests.

    Lake Turkana is itself is a wonderful natural treasure, with the single largest crocodile population in the world. In Lake Turkana these huge reptiles grow up to record size, in the company of a number of the biggest specimens that are sited on far-off inhospitable Central Island.

    Lake Turkana is known to be the most remote destination in Kenya, however one that reimburses the fearless traveler with well-off rewards…

    Getting around Lake Turkana

    There are exceptionally few definite roads in the region of the Lake Turkana. The shore of the lake can be easily explored simply by walking, however profusion of water as well as a superior sense of course are mutually essential. Boats are on hand for rent in villages by the side of the shore, furthermore this is the most excellent way to travel around the lake. Getting a local tour guide for far tourists is suitable.

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