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Why Visit the Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi


The national park has got over 340 individual mountain gorillas known to be inhabited in Bwindi national park, which makes up almost half of all the mountain gorillas in the world. The rest of the worldwide mountain gorilla population is in the nearby Virunga Mountains. The 2006 census of the mountain gorilla population in the park showed that its numbers had increased from an estimated 300 individuals in 1997 to 320 members in 2012 to 340 in 2016. The disease and habitat loss are the greatest threat to the gorillas as well as poaching.

Research Findings

The research on the park lags behind that of the Virunga National park population, but some beginning research on Bwindi gorilla population has been carried out by Craig Stanford. This research has shown that the gorilla’s diet is markedly higher in fruit than that of the Virunga population, and that the Bwindi gorillas, even the silverbacks are more likely to climb trees to feed on the foliage, fruits and the epiphytes. Mountain gorillas are endangered species, with an estimated total population of about 650 individuals. There are no mountain gorillas in captivity. In 1970s the mountain gorillas were captured to begin a population of them in captive facilities. No baby gorillas survived in captivity and no mountain gorillas are known of that are currently in captivity.

Safety and Security

Uganda is so safe and secure; Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla park are in safe areas since there are presently no conflicts and rebel groups that operate in Uganda. the parks are safe and secure and the Ugandan Government does everything in its power to ensure the safety of both UWA rangers and the Uganda army.

Gorilla Numbers

Uganda has about half the population of mountain gorillas in the world; With in Uganda, you will find the largest population of mountain gorillas, apart from thriving and growing in number to the tune of 7%. Lately rare twins were born in Bwindi forest. The Mgahinga Gorillas have returned to Mgahinga Gorilla Park which is good news and you now can track the mountain gorillas in two areas of Uganda which is Bwindi impenetrable National park. Uganda Has got 400 critically endangered gorillas and estimate of 880 gorilla that have been protected since 1964 and are open to the visitors.

Opportunities to See More Wildlife

The reasons for visiting the mountain gorillas of Bwindi are explained below; the main reason for gorilla trekking in Uganda is that you can easily combine Gorilla viewing with the fabulous Uganda Wildlife and you can also go birding.

Get to combine Mountain gorilla tracking with a Uganda Wildlife safari; Uganda gives you variety of wildlife combined with gorillas that other surrounding countries cannot match or like the DRC due to insecurity and being unsafe. While Uganda offers you diversity and safety, you are free to add other things to your gorilla safari during your visit to Uganda. Hike the extinct volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park. You can go chimpanzee tracking, see the wildlife in Lake Mburo along with its Zebras or swim and relaxat Lake Bunyonyi with its Bilhazia free waters and of course view wildlife in Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is all in the same region of Uganda.

Combining mountain gorilla trekking with the most fabulous Birding in Africa; Uganda is the best birding destination in Africa, and has got over 1000 different bird species that have been recorded and identified in Uganda. Bwindi forest has hard to believe population of birds found there, many are unique to the area.


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