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Exploring Kigali, the Capital of Rwanda

Exploring Kigali

Kigali is among the cleanest African cities and the capital of Rwanda so the moment you step in it, with the idea of exploring this magnificent land of a thousand hills where you will experience the incredible culture of the Rwandans always have this in mind that you’re not alone.

Rwanda is one of the popular destinations and it is also among the destinations people want to visit, and this is witnessed by the many traveler s that fly in every day, this makes indicates that Rwanda is on every travelers bucket list. This city is amazing to appoint where travelers that visit it wish to call it home and sometimes they decide to stay behind so that what they wish for comes to pass.

When you arrived at the airport, you don’t wish to board a taxi because taxis are always on time like they be wanting to drop you to your destination so that they come back to airport to get other clients and this may not grant you a chance to experience the city to the fullest and sometimes you many want to tour the city after you settling into your hotel room.

Owning your vehicle by hiring it will give you more independence and freedom plus peace during your vacation in Kigali because when you’re at the back of the wheel, you get a chance to go sightseeing in the city at our own convenience. Therefore when you Visit Kigali, don’t think of using taxis or buses because you won’t want to stay fixed under the control of the bus’ schedule. If you need a rental car there are several car rental agencies that you can contact. For great deals, some of the recommended agencies are;

Moving in and around Kigali city

Yes you may want to rent a vehicle in Kigali, however you need a bitter deal like a company that will give you a vehicle at an affordable price, don’t worry that is one of our principles to put a smile on every travelers face.

There is a good fleet of vehicles to choose from. Most popular rentals include trucks, land cruisers, small suvs, touristic vans and many others. If you are looking to a long self guided holiday you can try out a camper van or a land cruiser with a rooftop tent. Most of these cars can accommodate all your backpacks and safari equipment’s in the boot all you have to do is to hire a vehicle in Kigali with us. As I had mentioned it earlier, we have a fleet of cars and it is upon your choice of which vehicle you want and this include:

Luxury cars with conveniences with leather seats and high technology for an amazing high end drive, cars with green features known as the hybrid cars which are friendly to eco-system in Kigali and other places around Rwanda, sport cars which a convertible for sunny holiday, costars and vans which a suitable for family holidays, college groups and work colleagues. Feel free to request for any vehicle that you prefer.


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