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Explore Tsavo National Park, Kenya

Red Elephants of Tsavo National Park

The Tsavo National Park of Kenya forms one of the largest national green zones in Eastern Africa. It spans an extent of 4% of the total land area of Kenya. Lying in between Mombasa and Nairobi, this beautiful area of greenery is filled with arid bush amidst the wandering Galana River. It has lot of limitless lava and is dominated by one of the largest herds of elephants in Kenya.

Things to See in Tsavo National Park

The dust red elephant is the main attraction here and as it wallows and rolls in fun here, the simple act of spraying each other with water is what makes enhances this trip.

Enjoy the beauty of the River Galana and the Aruba dam, which looks beautiful, situated to the north of the Vol River. This is also a major visiting spot for the animals. Thus, it makes a perfect game viewing spot for all who come here with lot of faith.

The Mudanda Rock is another natural rock backed with whales and is a huge attraction for more than thousand elephants.  Here is a place where you have natural ambience and beautiful surrounding making up the fascination of the region.

During your safari in Kenya, you also have a great way to enjoy the water bodies and heavenly pleasures. Go to the Lugards Falls which is named after Captain Lugard, a British colonial administrator who was the first foreigner to come here.

There is a lot of wildlife to see within Tsavo National Park. The wildlife checklist of the park has most of the huge mammals including rhino, red elephant, buffalo, pods of hippos, leopard, waterbucks, crocodile and such beautiful creations of nature.

For those interested in birding, more than 500 recorded species are found here amongst birds and it is a wonderful experience.

Where to Stay

There are innumerable options to stay and many more to enjoy. Visit the simple surroundings here and take back with you wonderful memories of a fascinating national park.


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