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Guide to Renting a Car in Rwanda


Before renting a car in Rwanda, there are many things one has to put into consideration. Unlike other countries, Rwanda is still a developing nation and renting a car for a self-drive or guided safari requires you to be very keen the fact that there are also many taxi or cab options. The best way to enjoy either a road trip or self drive Rwanda is by renting a car. However, you need to take note of the following things before hiring a car in Rwanda,

Look through the reviews of your preferred car hire agency

Prior making any choice on car hire company in Rwanda, take time and look through the reviews of other visitors on internet. This will guide you when choosing which car rental company in Rwanda is the best to deal with. You can browse the internet and read through some of the reliable, trustworthy and honest car hire companies prior making your final choice. Rwanda being a developing nation, there are a couple of car rental companies cropping up each and every day. When choosing the best car rental company, check through what other travelers have written about the same company and the ratings. Alternatively, get more details from a friend or colleague who could have used the same company to plan his or her safari in Rwanda. To be on safer side, you can check out about us on trip advisor.

Do thorough check up on the car rental-in case of any damages

Once you are now certain about the car rental company to deal with, please spare time to get to the office and do some check up on the car you wish to use. There are unforeseen damages that may cost your wallet if you returned the car with and the car rental provider doesn’t know about them. In case of any, take note of them and present to car rental agency or take photos to serve as evidence.

Get details of the car rental

Familiarizing yourself about the car you are going to use for your road trip is very essential. That is why you need to be inquisitive-ask about mileage, how old the car is, fuel type-petrol or diesel usage, oil level and many other things. Alternatively, you can browse to ascertain about other details of the car rental and dealer on his or her website.

Check the level of fuel

Whereas most car hire agencies in Rwanda hire out cars with full tanks, don’t forget to cross check on fuel tank for you to certain of its safety. This will get you out of the cases where you get stuck on the road because of fuel shortage the fact that most safari destinations in Rwanda are situated in remote area with or without fuel station.

Read through the car rental policies

Every car rental company in Rwanda has its set terms and conditions. You need to know which terms have been covered prior signing the contract agreement. This particular part is significant in that some car rental agencies tent to limit on kilometers depending on how long you plan to hire the car.

Carry valid travel documents

Car rental companies will ask for your valid driving license, passport and other valid travel document to be certain of whom they are renting the car to. You will be required to present copies of valid travel document or even present originals.

Check out for the car rental rates

Every car rental company in Rwanda has set price for their cars depending on the type, size. Comparing between different car hire companies is of an added advantage as you will find your dream car at pocket friendly price. Our fleet of car rental range from Toyota Rav4 to Luxurious Land Cruisers and each of them have its set price.


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