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  • Be Part of the Red Sea Paradise of Djibouti

    24. February 2010


    Be Part of the Red Sea Paradise of Djibouti
    The country of Djibouti is a relatively young with a hundred-year-old history. The country is tiny yet ambitious. Djibouti is not abundant in natural resources, yet it is recognizable as a little Dubai in the Red Sea. The capital of the country goes by the same name and accounts for two-thirds of the country’s population. Djibouti lies on the western shore of an isthmus located in the Gulf of Tadjoura. The city overlooks a small marina home to dhows, skiffs, and pleasure boats. Djibouti has Eritrea to the north and Ethiopia to the west and south. Somalia lies to the southeast. The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden make up the rest of the border. The country of Yemen lies 20 km to the coast of Djibouti. French is the primary language among the people. Djibouti is an ideal relaxation destination.  [...]

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