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  • Tuareg Caravans of Niger

    28. December 2009


    Tuareg Caravans of Niger
    Every winter Tuareg groups traverse the Niger's Tenere desert to get a hold of salt which is available from the Bilma oasis and exchange millet for the dates. Salt is necessary for Sahelian domestic animals as well as it are in short supply also it is a restricted deposit collective with weighty consumption ensuring money-making markets. In the earlier period, for security, caravans used to form groups and used to travel together. They were attended by a spokesperson of the Agadez Sultanate, who bargained protected passageway as well as single-minded the prices of the salt. Normally more than 20,000 camels participated. This arrangement has lengthy fragmented and also at the present time, contestants includes the friends as well as families who guild together under the leadership of a headman  [...]

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