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  • The Ivory wars at Zakouma National Park

    26. April 2010


    The Ivory wars at Zakouma National Park
    Elephants that are found in Zakouma National Park are known to be the most recent stranglehold meant for the typical savannah elephants that are residing in the Sahel region of Central Africa, at the present the total number of the animals that are recorded in this region is almost around 1,000 animals, which is quite a huge down as of a predictable number of 3,000, which was recorded in the year 2006. The ivory poachers making use of the different automatic weapons have annihilated the populations of the elephants in this region, for the most part, while the herds venture alternatively in the outer regions of the park. The civil disturbances in this region have made preservation exceptionally complicated in Chad. A number of the park guards are been shot as well as killed in the recent  [...]

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