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5 Interesting Facts About African Animals


Africa is the 2nd largest continent in the world. It is also the 2nd most populated countries with numerous types of animal species and kinds. Africa suffered a lot during the cold war of USA and Russia but due to their human resources and numerous beautiful and historical places, they are continuously uprising to become one of the richest continents around the world. Here are the different types of animals that can be found or only be found in this country.

Hippopotamus or Hippo– The hippos can hurt humans. They are considered as one of the most dangerous animals in this continent which is the cause of human fatalities. The male hippos are hurting humans and other living things because they only want to protect their territories. They are usually found along lakes and river banks. The female hippos are very aggressive especially when they sensed that there has an approaching march on their babies. Commonly, most of the hippos can run 20 miles an hour. Their enormous jaws can crash the bones of humans and other animals. It has 20 inch canines that they used to fight for their lives. Hippos are also dangerous for their own kind. They usually fight for food and territories.

African Elephant– This type of animal can weigh up to 12,000 pounds which is the reason why they called the beast. Mostly, elephants are friendly, they will not hurt any kind of animals in their protective areas without a reason but there are also African elephants like young males and older bulls that are aggressive even without being provoked. They are herbivores, they do not eat meats. Their attacking skill is to tramp their victims and crash their bones into pieces. During the ancient times, some tribe used the African elephants as their reaper. They used it to kill prisoners, murderers, thieves and much more. This type of elephant can be found in deserts, savannas and rain forests. Unique thing about African elephant is their trunk, it has 40,000 muscles. That’s why they can lift a person by just using their trunk.

Lion– Lion is considered as the king of the jungle in Africa. They have a massive numbers that can be considered as community in a particular place. They are reigning because of their powers in combat. Usually, they are only fighting for food, territories and challenging each opponent. They commonly lived in sub-Saharan Africa except from other protected areas. They are very dangerous with a tag name of Tsavo’s man-eating lions that considered as a myth of their ancestors but it is not only a story, it is true. The study of 2005 by the African government proved that the myth is true. They count the lions that attacked men during a study conducted in Mozambique and Tanzania. The male lions are the one who’s responsible for crashing the humans that continuously rage in African continent.


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