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Africa is a land with full of history like the 10 plague of Egypt, the longest river in the world and the widest desert in the world. But there are numerous histories that can be found in Africa aside from these three. The 2nd world’s largest continent is Africa after Asia. It is also considered as world’s second most populous continent. Africa has the total land area at about 11.7 million of square mi and 30.2 million kilometers including the separated islands which covers at about 6 percent total surface of the earth. It also covers the 20.4% of the land around the world. The African facts of 2009 chart table stated that this country has a 1 billion people which accounts the human population of the world at about 14.72%.

The Africa continent is surrounded with different types of water such as Mediterranean, red sea, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Suez Canal and Sinai Peninsula. This continent includes various archipelagoes. This is where Madagascar will be found. It has 9 territories, 54 sovereign states which is fully recognized and states of 3 de facto that has a limited recognition. The continent of Africa particularly the eastern side is more in scientific community. They believe on the origin of the humans or the great apes (hominidae clade).

In the time of 1950’s, this country is in the process of awakening and in the process of independence. During the 1960′s, Africa has only 31 countries because Sahara became independent and this is the time where the notable progress begins. In late 1970′s, this country was under in Limbo Development which is proved difficult. The ethnic and regional conflicts became out of control. During the cold war of the Russia and USA, the African countries suffered a lot of disasters and were affected by the oil price increase. In the 1980′s, Africa is a continent of suffering, starvation and hunger especially in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia. Civil wars also manifested in Sudan, Angola, Southern Africa and Mozambique that largely affect the economy of the country. African facts stated that during 1990′s, this continent suffered from crisis and stagnation of economy is continuously deteriorating. Massive people are having AIDS or the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome that threaten the life of the families and the general societies.

There are numerous countries in Africa that has their own belief like Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria which is the most popular among the rest. Africa has 40 different countries with numerous types of dialects and languages. There are 800 dialects and languages in Africa that used by numerous kinds of people in this continent based on the 1993 survey. But there are only 10 cultural languages mostly used by millions of people.

Interesting African Facts

African facts are very helpful to become the source of knowledge for various kinds of reason as long as it is related to the continent of Africa. This country is considered as one of the poorest but yet one of the richest continents around the world. Why it is considered as poor country? Africa doesn’t have the technologies that can be found in other countries but when it comes in natural resources like animals, plants, land and history, this country is richest among others. Here are the top interesting facts of Africa.

  • The Rovos Rail is the most luxurious train in the world that can be only found in South Africa.
  • The 710 feet bungee jumping area is the most highest among of all that can be only found in South Africa too.
  • The 2nd of the moderate climate around the world can be only found in Africa which is called the Mosel Bay. It is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Africa has contained 900 species of birds. It represents 10 percent of the total species of birds around the world.
  • Hippos from Africa are vulnerable to sunburn. It spends most of the days in the water because of the climate in this continent usually on the part of South Africa. Hippos can stay 25 minutes underwater.
  • The second largest fruit exporter around the world is Africa because their lands are rich in fruit bearing trees and other plants.
  • Africa is full of histories like the pyramid of Egypt, the 10 plague and many more. They are also rich in fantasies like numerous kinds of stories or movies.
  • When you think of Africa, the usual idea that comes through your mind is desert, but it has an area where there is a large colony of penguins.
  • This country is also considered as the 3rd largest suppliers of safe drinking tap water.
  • The deepest dump of mining can be found in Africa, during the 1997, the western deepest levels mined and reached the 11,479 feet of depth. They gained massive gold, silver and many more.
  • You all know that this world is separated into 6 floral kingdoms. These 6 kingdoms covered the countries or several continents. South Africa offers the lots of varieties of flowers among all continents. The Cape Floral Kingdom has a 9,600 species of plants and 70 percent of it cannot be found in any part of the world.
  • The Sahara desert is considered as one of the largest and widest desert in the world which can be found only in Africa.
  • The 3rd largest canyon can be found in Africa which is so called as Blyde River Canyon. It is also called as the largest green river. The Grand Canyon in the United States is the largest and the Fish River Canyon is the second but they are both dry.

There are still a lot of African facts you have to know and surfing the internet is the best way to do it. Besides, internet has a lot of information to offer regarding the whole world.