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  • World famous night safari’s in Karoo

    Thu, Aug 5, 2010

    South Africa

    This word is from khosian etymology. His place is a semi desert region located in South Africa.  This place is divided into two regions. One is the great Karoo which is in the north and the little Karoo which is located in the south.   The higher Karoo has distinct physiographic for the different provinces which are even larger that the south African platform.

    The great karoo basin has been here since the past two hundred and fifty million years.  This, at one point was completely a glacier. Later on with the onset of inland delta, sea, lakes and swamps, there was a huge deposits of coal that was formed  and this is what began building the south Africa economy.

    Volcanic activity over here took place on a large scale. Although this place was volcanically active, they had many types of reptiles and amphibians that prospered in the wet forests. Paleontologists have found many remains.

    The people here settled down in sixteen hundred and fifty two in Cape Town.  Although before that; there were no roads, that lead anywhere near the Karoo before eighteen hundreds. There are large herds of antelopes and zebra that roamed the grassy plains here during that time. The Stone Age people here were the Khoi and the Bushmen. The Khoi was herders of sheep and cattle and the Bushmen were hunter- gatherers.

    In the nineteenth century, a railway track was extended into the Karoo region from Worchester in the south. This place extends all the way to the Bechuanaland which like in Johannesburg, Rhodesia and the places even beyond these this rail road was almost responsible for change much of the history in this region.

    The national park; is located in the higher Karoo region. This is Africa largest eco system; this place has vast undulating plains that include parts of a local mountain range called Numeveld.  This park has spectacular landscapes which contain a very diverse range of animal and plant life.

    The word Karoo mans great thirst.   The fact this place hardly gets any rain, gives it perennial clear skies. This makes this place a spectacular sight for stargazing. The parks have a large panoramic view of the star. This place apparently offers the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the whole world.

    The national park runs many types of safaris and tours. The staff over here is well trained and very warm as well.  This place is actually a great escape from your everyday life and once you experience the wilderness, the whole feeling of being away from pollution and any kind of city hustle bustle is what makes the experience at place like this national park so great.

    There are night tours that have been conducted and the safety precautions taken are quite impressive.  With the assistance of well guided and trained staff, this makes for a great way to get bang into the wilderness. Topping this with the late night hour which you would never dare to go into a forest, (unless of course if you are completely mad) the entire feeling of being out these in the dark night under the supervision of the trained staff. All this makes for a wonderful experience.

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