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Wildlife in Tunisia and Mammal Watching

Tue, Aug 14, 2012

Northern Africa

Visit Tunisia which is a great land filled with the best plethora of animals, plants, birds and other forms of animals. There are many kinds of creatures living here, and so wild life watching is a great form of attraction here in this beautiful land of animals and birds and  plants. Come here to this fascinating North African state and bask in the pleasures of great wildlife experiences. If you are looking for the ideal kinds of thrill and adventure in your travels to Africa then this is the place to be in.

So if you are searching the region of Tunisia for wildlife then you should know that any of the national parks here in Tunisia would be a good location to start. If you are interested to see birds then the Ichkeul Lake is a fantastic location. It is not only a lake but also a marsh. So all efforts to restore the area have been successful and the wildlife here is protected to a great extent. There have been many birds sighted here and so it is today the best stopping point for all the migratory birds. So whether it is a common duck or a pink flamingo whether it is a simple bird or any kind of exotic species Ichkeul Lake has it all. The Sidi Toui National Park is another lovely land filled with the best surprises.

At the Lake Ichekul you could sight the Scimitar Oryx which is an animal with long horns and which is found everywhere in this part of North Africa. But today it cannot be found everywhere except special regions. Most of the locations today are either in special ranches or zoos. But now there is a special effort going on to bring back the lost animals especially in the Sidi Toui National Park in Tunisia.

Then there are the bats that are sighted here.Of all the mammals in the entire planet the bats are those that are able to fly. There are multiple species of animals which are sighted here.

Find the whales which are found in the shoreline where you can enjoy a lot of whale watching. Here you can enjoy the sights of dolphins perfect sighting. In Tunisia there is the unique chance of  you seeing a variety of whales and dolphins. So get set  to see the bottle nose dolphin, rough toothed dolphin and the common dolphin which are the most diverse varieties here.

Then look out for the fennec which are lovely, cute animals. It is a species of cat and is easily identifiable by the large ears. The Fennec Fox is always wished for and is a great catch for the poachers. They hunt for this fox which is famous for its clean, bright fur. Many feel like keeping a pet like the fennec.

Then see the loons which are aquatic birds which are often seen diving into the water which is all across Northern Africa and Europe. There are around five kinds of species in this world. The red throated Loon is native only to Tunisia and is a major feature here.

All the wildlife lovers have a great fondness for the shellfish and the oysters here have the ability to take out the shellfish out of the ocean. They are all big and are famous to making a plenty of noise, and so it is very easy to spot them.

Thus Tunisia is a special spot where you would find a lot of wildlife variety and thus you would surely love to visit this beautiful area for picture hunting for all kinds of whale watching and bird sighting. So just enjoy nature and the beautiful natural ambience here. Wildlife in Tunisia is all about the lovely sights of hyenas, jackals, wild boars and the gazelles which are the main features here. Travellers love to enjoy the majestic surroundings and the fascinating delights here.

Tunisia with its lovely national parks has a diversity of forest sights and amazing wildlife experiences.

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