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Wildlife in Algeria

Fri, Mar 16, 2012

Northern Africa

Algeria is a land filled with great travel pleasures and ultimate delights. Come here and enjoy the beautiful land of adventure, thrill and excitement. Enjoy the sights of the beautiful vegetation here which is inclusive of mountainous and grassy regions, which also has the coastal sights to showcase. With the best kind of ambience this is one land that is a must see in Algerian travels and gives the greatest travel delights. With the land lying very close to civilized life, the common animals are familiar here. So get to see the jackals, the wild boars, gazelles and the other animals like the fennecs and the jerboas. Algeria is also the place where you have the leopard, panther and also the cheetah.

Algerian wildlife is inclusive of the widest variety of bird species which makes the country a great attraction for all the bird watchers and all those who love the avifauna population here. With the best kind of wildlife pleasures in this part of the land, the best sights are those of the simple fauna and the most beautiful flora here in Algeria.

With snakes, reptiles and monitor lizards adding on to the beauty, this is a great way of enjoying wildlife experience. With the collection of rodents found here in the semi arid regions of Algeria, the wildlife in Algeria is a great fascination for all.

Algeria is also the place where you would have endangered species being sighted very easily and these have been protected by the Algerian law. The serval is a lovely wild feline which is the most endangered animal in this country. This is bigger than a domestic cat and smaller than a leopard. The serval has long legs in the cat family and has a coat that has been characteristic spots like the leopard.. The serval does not exist much and is found in the northern regions in Algeria. So this land of wildlife beauties is rendered more beautiful by sights such as these. Come here and enjoy the sights of this endangered species.

There is another creature that is in the endangered species category and this is the monk seal. These seals are found in the caves and also along the Algerian coast and have been found in great numbers. These seals are today scarce and have been disappearing due to the activities like pollution and fishing. Monk seals do not normally give birth to many pups. Normally they give birth to only one pup, so it is really not possible to give birth to seals and pups. The serval and seals are not the only ones to be endangered. There are Algerian wild dogs and also a particular kind of bats which are considered to be endangered animals.

The northern part of Algeria has some of the best flora like Macchia scrub, cedars oaks and many conifers. The coast has the grape vine which is special to the coastal lines.

The Sahara region has many oasis and palm trees. There are acacias with wild olives which are the main kind of flora that are found in this part of Africa. Come to Northern Africa, and enjoy the pleasures, here which give ultimate travel experience.

Algeria has more than 104 mammals and has around 3 of them which are totally endangered. More than 10 are vulnerable, and around 3 are threatened and one species which is extinct and there is one particular species that is no longer found.

Algerian wildlife has the best of coastal pleasures, mountainous regions, and beautiful grassy desert locales. The diverse plethora of wildlife, and the lovely creatures here add to the beautiful Algerian life and the fennecs, and jerboas, only enhance the experience.

In Algeria you would also get to see some panthers, cheetah, and leopards \which are normally not seen. There is a preservation station here which has the best breeding of tamed captive felines. Their main focus is to the take care of the Barbary Lion which is particular to this region, and has not been seen in the wild since the year 1922.

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