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Wildlife Experiences at Morocco

Fri, Jul 13, 2012

Northern Africa

Come to Africa and enjoy the pleasures of Morocco. Whenever you think of safari experiences in Africa, do visit Morocco and experience the best sights ever. This is a perfect wildlife destination which is a great place to be in and a place where you would get the best national parks which have been preserved very well. There are expanses of forests and also retreats which are home to reptiles, mammals and birds.

There are more than 40 ecosystems which have been good habitats for all the endemic species. In the past few years, the country’s industrial and cities have had a great impact on the wildlife here. There are many kinds of animals and plants in Morocco which have been greatly endangered due to industrialization and many more wildlife habitats which provide lot of visual delights.

One would really feel good to see the wildlife here and you could get into this fantasy land and experience the great preserves  of the parks ,  mountains and the wilderness . The whole experience of the wildlife  here and the sights of the dolphins,  sea birds, and the marine life is something ecstasic. The Mediterranean monk seal is the main attraction here and these are seen in plenty in the banks of the coast. The white eyed gulls that are spotted here are seen to decrease here and thus the experience here is entirely exciting. See the cities of Tangier and Casablanca where you would find the marine life entirely a treat. Also the Souss Massa National park which is a great habitat for birds out of which the balb ibis is a main attraction as it is highly endangered and the most beautiful too. Bird enthusiasts love to come here and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Morocco is also the place where there is a diversity of wildlife. The Sahara is a very harsh place to inhabit but animals and humans have lived here for years together thus giving lot of area for all the gerbils, snakes, rodents and golden jackals as also the addax and the lizards which live in this sandy region. The horned viper is also a great attraction for all and on one of your camel treks you could encounter one giving you the thrill in the tours. Animals follow the rain and the other sources  of water. So white water rafting tours are a great hit in this land of beautiful thrills of wildlife.

In the times of the Romans, the barbary lion was seen to roam freely in the entire Atlas and the Rif Mountains. Today it is a region that is totally extinct and has few breeding programs . Visit the Parc Zoologique National which is in Rabat and also has a breeding program which helps to increase the population. The lion is not able to survive a great deal s the mountain space has been lost and also the practice of hunting has spoilt its existence.

The Barbary Macaque still lives here and though they are completely endangered due to deforestation, and also hunting yet it could be difficult to find out. When you spend the night here and go on those trekking tours then the chances are possible that you could see them. Also see the butterflies, eagles and the cardinals which live in these forests. It is easier to spot them and is a visual delight. The primates are less easier to spot and thus whether you travel in Morocco just to see the wildlife or you are here for some other purpose, you are assured of a perfect wildlife experience.

Morocco thus has some of the best wildlife and has around 460 bird species, 3,600 recognized plants and more than 90 reptiles. It is interesting to see these animals come  alive in this part of Africa and gives you a reason to experience the best of these tours.

Biosphere Reserves and National Parks thus form the basis of ecosystems here and provide the wildlife enthusiast with an experience he would never forget. Enjoy the sights here and travel in groups to enhance the experience.

The continent of Africa is not without its beauty and travels here are certainly filled with great tour pleasures.

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