Living the Rafting dream in the Nile Rapid

Thu, Oct 14, 2010

Eastern Africa

Malaloo is a word for Crazy in Luganda. Luganda happens to be one of the main languages here in Uganda.  Malaloo is rapid which one of the coolest rapids here is in this country.  This place just happens to be one of the nicest places to visit and once you come here you would know that this is a completely physical freakishness.  In fact the rapid almost roars on one side of this river. The other side in fact is quite flat and you will see the rapid bouncing quite rapidly over the white water. This just crosses right into the river and once you come here you could easily paddle back up and come down again and then go back up again and come down again. So basically you have something real fun and you would probably do it till you drop out because of being that tired.

Most people do this about ten times. Some of them just effortlessly steer the raft right into the making current of this amazingly large and intense rapid.  The rapid seems like it is stuck and has some gravitational hold right in the middle of the Nile.  This place gets battered by thrashing water from the very first minute of when you enter the rapid.  Also you could try jumping in and point you big belly while you are headed upstream. The white water surf here is something like you have never come across before.

After all this you have to get back on the tour bus and you might seem burnt, exhausted with your shoulders and your feet aching.  There are a lot of people to come into the Eat African region and pass through Uganda while getting a feel of this very rapid in the Nile.  When you land in Entebbe which is the main airport here in Uganda which is right outside the beautiful capital of the country called Kampala.

You should register with the rafting company and all this is picked up at a charge of around seventy five dollars.  This is exactly why it would be better to hire your own car as the prices are almost the same and it would always be better to have the comfort of your own vehicle and move around o any place that you would want.  The driver usually charges about one hundred dollars for the vehicle and his driving services.  Just like these, there are lots of taxis services that are available in all of Uganda in the plenty.

Check back here to know more about what happens here on the Nile in Uganda.

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