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Western Africa Beach Travel Pleasures

Wed, May 23, 2012

Western Africa

Come to the land of absolute beach excitement and greatest travel memories, the zone of Western African tours and adventures. Enjoy this upscale camping zone which has the best sights to offer and most fascinating locales to tour. Come here to the land of the human size monkeys,zebras, where you would can enjoy crossing the beach. Some of the beaches in Western Africa are lesser known among tourists but are very charming locales. Let us get to know them well.


Zebrabar beach in Western Africa provides you with the solo beach experience, and is an ideal locale to be in with your family. Come here and enjoy the fabulous surroundings here along with the lovely scenic beauty that is so easily found here. During the tourist season, there are bird lovers who come here to go through the regions of the National Park Langue de Barbarie.

Zebrabar Beach

This is one land that is not very well known in tourism, but is one of the few good beaches in this part of Western Africa. Come here and enjoy the sights of the hammock and the three course dinners that resorts give. Enjoy paddle kayaking here and just bask in the ambience of this pristine beach land with the most ideal adventurous tours in this part of the world.

Not a difficult place to reach, the language spoken here is predominantly French with a bit of German and English too. A taxi cand bring you here from Saint Louis and is around a half hour drive. If you do not want to watch birds then you can go in the months of June to September where you would have a lot to do and much more to enjoy.

Green Turtle Lodge

Amongst the special beach pleasures in this part of Africa also enjoy the sights of this beach land Green Turtle Lodge which is another lovely place to be while you are on a tour in Africa.

Green Turtle Lodge

Located near Cape Coast in Ghana, there are backpackers and volunteers who would feel proud to be here as the place is certainly an adventure lover’s paradise. This is actually very much comparable to the other accommodations in this part of the world. There is a solar powered hut at the Green Turtle Lodge and it is an interesting sight to see this place in its full glow.

A perfect getaway from the din of the cities in Ghana this is a greatly rejuvenating spot which circles around the tourism here and a great place where you can lounge around in absolute glory. Come here and enjoy the sights of the beautiful fishing villages and also experience the simple rustic nature of this place. Enjoy canoeing through the mangroves and take a stroll along the beach and go back with great memories of the sea turtles that nest here in the months of October to March.


This is another of those unusual beaches in Western Africa which give the greatest travel pleasures. Come here and enjoy the pristine surroundings of the Cameroon beauty. Situated to the south west of Cameroon, a trip to Kribi is always filled with unusual delights. Amongst the lesser known beaches in Africa, these are the ways the tourist is benefited when he embarks on such lovely locales.

Kribi Beach

This is one beach town where you can have your choice of hotels, and where you would get the ideal backpacking experience too. With the tasty cuisine that is offered here the nightlife is no less fun here in this land.

Western Africa in this way has its own share of lovely beach pleasures to give you.

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