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  • Welcome To The Permanent Desert Lake Turkana, Kenya

    Mon, Dec 14, 2009


    The place is something which you would not have even imagined in your dreams; it’s the place where you find how life forms struggle to exist. Sitting at a comfortable couch and moving in a warm luxury car you cannot figure out how difficult it is for people in some parts of the world to manage some food and decent amount of clean water to sustain their lives. This place is more and unconnected than you would from collecting the data about the closest city and nearest airport. Lake Turkana is some 466 miles from Nairobi. It is also largest alkaline lake in the world apart from being the largest permanent desert lake. The place is really hot and the lands are barren making you ponder for hours that was it really fertile and the area was amazing place to place as claimed by historians.

    The place came into limelight when Richard Leakey found fossils of 3 million years ago while he was evacuating Koobi Fora in 1968, some 80 years ago an Austrian explorer claimed to have found human skulls and bones at this site.

    The Omo River flowing across Ethiopia is responsible for feeding the Lake Turkana. The water is lost mainly due evaporation. Both on and off shore wind are really strong due to lake’s characteristic feature of getting warm and cool slower than land.

    There are numerous living beings surviving in the region which would you surprise as you would have thought there would not be much to see in this hot and arid region.

    You would be delighted to see thousands of Niles crocodiles and the crocodiles hatch from April to May. Camels, zebra, snakes, hippos, fishes and giraffes are some creatures found here. You would also be able see some of the rare species of birds here like the Little Stint, the Wood Sandpiper. If you are a keen bird watcher then visit this place anytime between October and April, it’s the best time to view migratory bird.

    You must learn some important words in local language like thank you and sorry to further involve yourself in the journey, quite true that everyone loves to talk in their mother tongue.

    African Safari is always in demand and extremely adventurous and to make your experience more enriching you must include in your trip the visit to Turkana. The visit would prove to be worthy once you reach the place no doubt you would required to keep your nerves cool and heart strong as the journey is immensely tough and exhausting. You would realize that how even animals have learned to deal with the adversity of the nature and tribes live in such compromising physical conditions and meager facilities.

    You can take a charted plane and fly to Turkana but it would steal the great adventurous moments which you can get by following the roadways no doubt the journey would be really long then.

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