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Visiting Casinos in Africa

Tue, Feb 19, 2013

Southern Africa

The continent of Africa is rather expansive and offers a great deal of appeal for travelers. One activity that many visitors to this continent which to partake in is casino gambling. Many of the nations offer some kind of activity. In the northern region of Africa where the populations feature large concentrations of Muslims, only two nations offer gambling, Morocco and Tunisia. One of the best casinos in these countries is the Moroccan casino, Le Grand Casino La Mamounia. Located in the city of Marrakesh, the casino offers a wide selection of casino games.

Many of the games that have become popular in their online casino format can be found at Le Grand Casino La Mamounia. Casino table games like poker, blackjack, American roulette and mini Punto Banco are played at the tables in the casino. Some travelers planning to visit this casino while in Morocco have never played some of these games but would like to try them out. Sometimes it can be rather daunting being a newbie at a gaming table in a land based casino. Therefore, one of the best ways to learn prior to visiting the casino is to learn by playing at one of the many online casinos like JackpotCity These sites often provide tools to help new players learn the game.

Of the games offered at Le Grand Casino La Mamounia, many visitors are unfamiliar with mini Punto Banco. The mini variation of Punto Banco is basically a smaller, pared down version of the main game. The table is smaller, much like a blackjack table. The cards at the land based casino are dealt by a croupier while of course when playing at an online casino, the dealing is computerized. Players will find that mini Punto Banco also has smaller table minimums and maximums. This is a fun game to play and can easily be learned at an online casino prior to visiting Morocco.

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