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  • Under The Lap Of Mount Kenya

    Wed, Dec 2, 2009


    Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa that destroyed by the deadliest Volcano standing at a height of 5199m i.e. 17,058 ft. It was a forest reserve located 175 km from Nairobi. But later Mount Kenya was announced as a National Park in 1949 and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. It is located 175 km from Nairobi.

    mount kenya
    To create a national park on and around Mount Kenya, the Government of Kenya had four distinct reasons. To boost up the local and national economies there is a need of tourism, to preserve the biodiversity within the park, to protect it as a great scenic beauty and to safeguard the water catchments for the neighboring area.

    The local inhabitants respected the mountain for generations and the mountain is the official home of ‘Ngai’, the Kikuyu tribe’s Supreme Being. Johann Ludwig Krapf was the first to sight the snowy peak in 1849. The meaning of Mount Kenya or “Kere Nyaga” is the Mountain of Brightness as the Kikuyu call it, rising above the sea level to 5,199m and in the entire continent of Africa it is the second highest mountain peak.

    The Mount Kenya national park covers an area of around 715 square kilometers which is 276 sq miles and the forest reserve covers an area of 705 square kilometers that is 272 sq miles. The forest reserve and the national park collectively make an area of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that covers 1,420 square kilometers which is about 548 sq miles.

    Mount kenya national park
    This park offers a beauty of its own with pleasant mountain scenery that attracts more tourists to come and share the glory of the heavenly world especially the mountain climbers who leads to the top of the mountain through difficult routes. The Volcanic deposit in the nearby area’s soil and the vast quantity of fresh water coming down the slopes makes the agriculture area more favorable.

    Lovely lakes, tarns, glaciers, peaks and natural mineral springs make the area more stunning. In the lower slopes dry upland forests are found and from the 2,000m upwards montane forest starts. This forest usually includes cedar and podo. Visitors can watch a mixture of plants of nearly 11 species.

    Wildlife live in the park are extensive and some are unique on their own like Colobus Monkeys, Cape Buffalo, elephants, black rhinos, leopards etc. Bongo antelopes and giant forest hogs are out of few that attracts more tourists on the park including many species of birds like Kingfisher, Olive pigeons and red-fronted parrots.

    One could reach easily to this famous and excellent spot by flying to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Wilson Airport. Apart from this you can also travel by train and reach to Thika Station that will lead you to this national park. Well, you can also take bus services to Nanyuki from Nairobi. If you are willing to travel through car, take an A2 that will take you from Nairobi traveling across Murunga and later going through Mount Kenya and making way to Nayunki.

    After reaching there you can stay at the lodges present in the park or at various types of huts like seven climbers’ huts. Outside the park, there are self-help banda sites where you can easily stay. Well, most of the visitors stay in hotels or resorts. For luxury, the Mount Kenya Safari Club is the best place to stay.

    Mount kenya safari club
    Temperatures, rainfall and humidity vary widely in Kenya due to its diverse geography. Hence, the best time to visit the national park is from July to February.

    Mount Kenya is the place where tourists can find almost everything to enjoy their time with snow-covered mountaintops as well as large cliffs and glaciers. Along with that there are thick forests and pouring waterfalls to boost the energy of the people. So, try out and see the change in your life as if you are in heaven.

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