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Travel Pleasures at Marrakech

Fri, Nov 30, 2012

Northern Africa

Visit the beautiful African continent and bask in the pleasures of a lovely travel destination. With the best pleasures of a great travel destination this is one place that has the ideal tour delights and fascinating travel experiences in this part of the world.

Visit Marrakech in northern Africa and enjoy the sight of the Atlas Mountains and the scenes in this majestic city. This is very large and noisy and smelly and provides the ideal fascinations in travels to northern Africa. Marrakech is a lovely cultural centre and is very beautiful. Very tranquil by nature and serene in ambience the pleasures of visiting this beautiful land are something that is seen to be believed.

There area many things that you can see and you should make it a point to spend at least three days in this lovely city. Treat yourself and stay in Riad so that when you come back after a hectic day you would surely love to be amidst the fire jugglers, carpet salesman and noisy souqs. Relax here and enjoy your evening cup of mint tea in a quiet courtyard.

The best time to visit Marrakech is in the months of September and May. Come here for the Arts festival in the month of July. This is an annual festival that attracts a lot of folk singers, acting troupes, fortune tellers, snake charmers, from across the entire African continent. Since the year 2000, the festivals have attracted a lot of entertainers and artists from Asia and Europe. The ruins of the 16th century is the place where the events take place and also in the Djemma El Fna or the main town square.

There is Fantasia which is a great spectacle for horse riding and has many charging horsemen wearing traditional kind of clothing. This is a popular Arts festival so that it happens at the same time in the month of July. Experience Fantasia which is found outside the city walls near the Bab Jdid. There are lot of tourists who come here and enjoy the up market sights.

Bab jdid

Then there is the Imilchil Marriage Feast which is a Berber Marriage Festival where there are up to forty couples who tie the knot. The festival is a fantastic way to experience the Berber culture and is inclusive dance and music. the event is usually celebrated after harvest each year and it is usually held in the month of August and September.

From the months of January and February there is lot of snowfall in the Atlas mountainous regions and accommodates a lot of skiers. The ski resort at Oukaimden is around 50 miles away from Marrakech. There are many ski lifts and if these are not found then do take the donkey that takes you up the slopes. If there is no snow makes sure that you don’t miss the view which is very spectacular.


Visit the Djemma El Fna which is in the centre of the city of Marrakech. This is a lovely central square in the old Medina city and this is an ideal place to visit. If you like juggling, snake charming, music etc, and then this is the place to visit and so just enjoy the snack stalls and entertainment features that are found here.

Also visit the Souqs and the Majorelle Gardens and also the Saadian tombs and enjoy your tours to Marrakech in northern Africa.

Majorelle Gardens Saadian tombs

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