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Travel in Style in the Central African Republic

Fri, Jan 6, 2012

Middle Africa

Visit Africa and enjoy the wild travel pleasures of this place. Enjoy the simple surroundings providing you with the best travel pleasures and just bask in the glory of being in a great land of fascination, charm and thrill.

Visit Bangui the capital of the Central African Republic and enjoy the lovely ambience of this mystical city. Lying in the southern part of Africa, this lies on the banks of the River Ubangi. Congo is very close to this region and Bagui is today a very important trade centre. Here you can also find the best of tropical vegetation and many buildings of modern architecture. Here you have the Central market which is very popular for its necklaces made of malachite. Then you have the Boganda Museum and the Cathedral here. Then there is the Arts and Crafts School, which is another lovely institution of talent and creativity. See the Saint Paul Mission which is a lovely brick church in front of the river. Go to the Hausa Quarter here which tourists love to visit. Visit the Grande Corniche lying on the banks of the River Ubangui which gives beautiful scenes of the surrounding areas with the beautiful huts of the fishermen and their fascinating canoes providing great scenic beauty.

Zinga is another lovely little region lying on the banks of the River Oubangui. This river flows through the southern part of the Central African Republic and is around 100 km from the Bangui city.

Zinga can be reached from Bangui by a canoe or a boat. The Zinga town is also a ferry port and has many vessels and ships sailing to Brazzaville and Bangui. There are custom formalities that you have to go through before boarding the boat that crosses the River Oubangui.

This entire place has a very hot summer and rain for around six months. Yet the place is so enchanting that it is a lovely spot to travel and a great refreshing destination.

Then you have Bangassou which is near the River Ubangui and is on the edges of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Kembe falls here is very popular amongst those who visit this place. Lying on the River Kotto, these falls are a fascinating sight and provide great tourists pleasures.

Enjoy the pleasures of viewing the Boali Waterfalls lying near the enchanting village of Boali. Around 250m wide and 50 m high, these falls give a stunning view and the tourist gets surrounded by the overall beauty of the place. There is a hydroelectric power plant nearby which is also a great tourist attraction.

Visit Bouar which lies in the eastern part of the country and is home to many burial mounds which have been existing for more than thousand years. The lovely megaliths or the tanjunu dazzle the tourist with their mystique and intrigue.

Another great spot to visit is the Lobaye region which is filled with the tribes from forest land and see their small huts with a low roof. These huts and the coffee plantations here only add to the experience.

Central African Republic people love to play basketball so make sure you play this sport here. Then there is some wildlife spotting that could be done in the national parks here. See the Manovo Gounda, the Bamngui Bangoran, and the Dzanga Sangha which are great wildlife attractions here.

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