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Transformation : Slave fort to nightclub in Ghana

Tue, Oct 19, 2010

Western Africa

If you would see through the sea mist from the road, you could go to cape coast that makes it all look like an old print made from sepia. There are old trading houses which are faded and the ones that keep trailing on from one beach to the other. There are huge fishing rows and canoes that follow. There are fishermen who mend nets beneath the snouts of canons. These point out the lime washed ramparts. When you look through it, it seems as it must be for somewhere more than to hundred years. This is when the gold coast came to be one of the richest and most self explained platforms for the trading of slaves in all of western Africa.

There are many heavy showers that you might have to wait for it to pass. You could then follow your guide along the path s you face harsh sunlight. This whole thing is quite subdued. There are fishermen who mend nets right beneath the south of the canons.  The lime washed ramparts look like they are quite a handful.  There was a whole army of collaborated slavers from the Britain, Dutch and Portuguese countries.  When they talk about their ancestors then talk about it being like hell.  The guides here usually tell you stories about what has happened here before.  They still hold it lose to their heart.  Kingley Eboah who told them about the many men who come and pack each other shoulder to shoulder.  They in fact looked at this door as a gateway into America.  This is how the door would swing open and right there would be a beach and the surf to get it on. There are slaves who have seen high masts of ships waiting to take the whole thing away.

The next day, it would be a good idea to drive about two hundred miles inland to Kumasi. This is the capital of the Ashanti tribe. Mind you the tribal is quite inclined to war. These were the tribes who started mining here and because of what they discovered, a lot of Europeans came here and named this country the Goal coast about five centuries ago.

When you wake up in Ghana it makes you feel as though you have been here from a long time, and you would be in no mindset to leave the place.  The liquor here is distilled.  There are lots of people who love to drink here so during the evening, you should not be surprised to see a lot of drunken people walking around.

Check back here to find out more about what happens in this place.

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