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Top Congo Attractions

Mon, Jun 25, 2012

Eastern Africa

Congo is one of the African countries that has the best travel delights and  ideal holiday destinations. So come to this country that is popular due to the innumerable national parks that dominate this region. Most of the national parks in Congo have been featured in the UNESCO World Heritage list. There are many things you can do in Congo and it is interesting to go across this place and bask in the travel pleasures here.

Go to the Virunga National Park and enjoy the lovely land where you get to see a plethora of Congo flora and fauna. With a great wildlife, the hippopotamuses and mountain gorillas are very popular here.

Then of course you have the Kahuzi- Biega National Park which is a great region to be in, and you would surely love to be in this surrounding with a great amalgamation of flora and fauna. So get to se the best volcanoes here which are all getting extinct. The Biega and Kahuzi volcanoes are famous here. Then the sight of the huge gorillas is another fascinating expereince and it is interesting to see how they have been protected from poachers. So enjoy this diversity of flora and fauna and experience  the feel of being amidst these plants and animals.

Then you have the Garamba National park which is another UNESCO World Heritage site where you would be totally taken in by the vast savannahs, which form a great sight here. The woodlands and the grasslands here are greatly picturesque and lend a lot of travel delights. All these with the elephants, hippopotamuses and the giraffes make it an enchanting experience. The white rhinoceros which are so unique are also found here as also the black rhinoceros.

Go to the Salonga National Park which is a tropical rainforest zone which has been featured in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the abode of the dwarf chimpanzee and the Congo Peacock. This park is also popular for the population of the slender snouted crocodile which is known by the other name of the false crocodile.

Visit the Okapi Wildlife Reserve and get to see the widest variety of birds and the best kind of natural ambience. The waterfalls here along with the scenic splendour make this a perfect haven for all nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The River Epulu and Ituri offer some of the most fascinating sights which tourists would cherish forever.

Then there is the Nyirangongo Volcano which is another great tourist destination which has a great sight seeing ambience. The lava lake is famous here and the sight posts also intrigue the curious tourist.

The Kinshahsa is another lovely place and is the Congo capital. The hotels here are an attraction so enjoy the luxury here and also go to the Matonge a night life zone giving you the best of nightlife experiences.

The Zongo falls are another beautiful attraction in Congo. So come to this lovely watery paradise and see and admire the beauty of Mother Nature at her best. The magnificence of the falls and the sheer beauty of the surroundings is enough to tug at your heart and you would certainly want to come back for more again. Camping experiences here are an attraction and it is exciting to also rent a bungalow here and stay over to have ideal travel memories of the Zongo falls.

The Bombo Lumene Game Park is another recreation and relaxation zone for many. This is a place where you can spend time with family and just relax your tired nerves.

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