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  • Things To Do in Mauritania

    Fri, Jun 4, 2010


    The most popular thing to do in Mauritania is exploring its coastline, which is 800km long and is merely a sandy beach. The coastline hardly has any vegetation. However, it supports an astonishingly varied and huge population of birds. When it comes to inland, this landscape is nothing, but an empty desert.

    Discover Nouâdhibou,the centre of the fishing industry and the port. It was situated on the peninsula at the northernmost end of the Bay of Levrier. Since the waters here are rich in the fish content, few of the coastal stretches are always inhabited by the locals, inspite of the fact that there is a scarcity of fresh water.

    If it is possible, take some time out and meet the tribal people, who have survived all through a symbiotic relationship with the wild dolphins, in the middle of Nouâdhibou and Nouakchott. The mammals in the seawater  force the fishes towards the seashore, then the tribesmen swim in to the water with nets, and then both of them get their own share.

    Remember to take a trip to Atâr, which is capital city of the Adrar Region. Atâr is an oasis located on the route of the salt caravans. This oasis is the central market designed for nomads in northern Mauritania, moreover has the Ksar, an old quarter, with the typical flat-roofed houses and some palm groves.

    You can take a trip to the picturesque mountain pass  between Chinguetti and Homogjar. These two are the holy cities of the Island that were found in the early thirteenth century. This area is now declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. This city has a library and a medieval mosque. The library houses some ancient manuscripts.

    Don’t forget to explore the regions of Affolé and Assaba , located in the southern and southeastern regions of  Tagant. You can arrive here, traveling via Kiffa, then passing Tamchakett and finally hitting Ayoun el Atrous, to arrive at El Agher. The various interesting archaeological sites here include Koumbi Saleh, which was once the capital city of the Ghana Empire. It is located at a distance of 70km from Timbedra.

    While traveling across Mauritania, you will come across, Tagdawst, the old capital of the Berber empire. It is located in close proximity to Tamchakett and is identified as ‘Aoudaghost’.

    Mauritania has some of the excellent beaches. If you are  water person, you will surely come across some good spots for fishing, surfing, and swimming, by the side of the coastline, which is in the western region of the country.   You can find some deserted and remote beaches in close  proximity to Nouâdhibou, however there is always a danger of land mines within this area.

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