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Things to do in Luanda

Tue, Jul 24, 2012

Southern Africa

Come to Africa and enjoy the pleasures of a great land filled with the wildest pleasures and the most fascinating tour delights. This is the place which fills your travels with the best adventure delights and the most enchanting tour ecstasies. Come here and enjoy the sights of the museums, wildlife parks and the monuments which are a great visual delight to all. The coastline of Luanda stretches for miles together and offers beaches, water sports and also fishing. There is a great plethora of wildlife here and also a collection of the best kind of landscapes and a great collection of birds and other species. So whether it is the forest or the plains, whether it is the mountain or the plains, the Luanda region never ceases to surprise the tourists.

The Kissama Game Park is a lovely wildlife region which is located in the southern part of the country of Luanda. This is a major tourist attraction here and is the Angolan capital. The Game Park, Kissama is known as the Parque Nacional Da Kissama. In the local area it is called Quicama in the Portuguese language.

The Kissama game Park is very famous and is a great sightseeing spot during a tour of Luanda. The exotic bird species, here and the lovely sight of the wildest of animals has collections like the palanca antelope, gazelles, ostriches, giraffes etc which provide great wildlife delights. Tourism in Luanda thus is filled with the best sights of a great travel experience. With the best sights also of the River Longa, the entire belt of dense vegetation of forests is something to be seen to be believed. The entire belt of around 110 kilometres coastal borders provides the best wildlife excursions in this part of Africa. Also there is a great excitement about visiting the coastal areas here as there are also sights of the whales here which provide great tour attractions.

Natural vegetation occurs here in a simple manner. These are all habitats for all the wild animals here and so the sight of the flood plain that was formed by the River Cuanza with the lovely embankments and grassland zones provide a great tour experiences. There is a lovely sight of the Savannah forests and the baobab vegetation, provide a great visual delight.

Luanda travel attractions

The entire wildlife is inclusive of the dwarf forest buffalo, eland, roan antelope, waterbuck, marine turtles, manatee and the tarpins. The elephants and the rhinos are also found around this park. Eco tourism trips are also very common here and tourists also get to avail of the game viewing vehicles. This is a greatly fascinating experience and the entire journey through the wilderness is a fantastic delight for all those who visit this place

The lovely beauty of the River Cuanza is something that catches the eye and this place which is just around 3 hours from the main city is a lovely travel destination. Vehicles are not allowed outside the Luanda borders.

The lovely town of Kribi is a great place to be in, the hotels here and the magnificent beachfronts here are the main attractions here. The Chutes de la Lobe lying around 8 km from the town are great delights in tours here.

Luanda is one place that has the best collections of the Littoral Evergreen Forest and also the most magnificent of beaches.

So whenever you visit this part of the world and so get to see the best in this southern part of Africa. Come here and enjoy the delight of the tours here and the adventurous pursuits here.

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