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The Stone Circles of Senegambia

Wed, Feb 19, 2014

Western Africa

Find the best of architectural splendour in the stone structures in Senegambia and take back with you the best of travel memories. Western Africa comes alive with these magnanimous structures and provides you with the kind of tour memory that you would cherish forever. The Stone Circles of Senegambia are a group of monoliths, which are lying to the north of the River Gambia and are around 1053 of them. There are at least 28,931 monoliths, which represent the historical past of this region. There are four representative groups of these circles, which are today world heritage sites. There are two locations in Gambia and two in Senegal. The four locations surround the 93 stone circles and add to this the presence of burial mounds and innumerable tumuli.  There is a lot of mystery and origin to the structures here and they go back to the time of third century BC. They go back to the time when the Mandings inhabited this region. It is in fact one of the three world heritage properties in Africa.

Senegambia stone circles lying to the north of Gambia and the north of Janjanbureh are a great visual delight for all in central Senegal. They are a national division today and they dominate the tour sights. Enjoy the best sights of the monuments and the graves and experience being in a region of the past. The stone structures, the sites and the blocks of pillars make up the personal delights. The monoliths here are isolated and stand apart from the circles.

The stones that are extracted from these quarries are usually taken out with the help of iron tools and are the best sights. There are identical pillars, which are either polygonal or cylindrical, and they are around two meters high and weigh around seven tons.

With great beauty and solid grandeur, the Stone structures of Senegambia are worth every inch of delight.

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