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The Omo River tour Delight

Thu, Nov 22, 2012

Eastern Africa

Omo river region in the southwestern part of Ethiopia in Eastern Africa and is a greatly fascinating place for all those who are interested in the culture of Africa. This is a secluded spot and is not really accessible by a four wheeler. This has thus ensured that the beliefs and customs are preserved here since ages.

Tours are a must here and expect to spend some good times here in the villages and bask in the pleasures of a greatly rustic experience. Tours include a ride down the River Omo which is very famous for white water rafting.

The river Omo is today one of the world’s greatest rafting destinations. With the best kind of wildlife and with the sights of the most amazing birds, river rafting couldn’t have been better than in this heavenly place. This is a place which would take you down memory lane and where you would get to see the best of traditional tribal groups and where you could enjoy the most adventurous moments of your life. This is particularly a trip to be undertaken by the wildlife enthusiast and nature lover.

River omo
Ethiopia is a place where even the unvisited portions will be linked to bridges, tourist lodges and roads. This is one fascinating piece of disappearing world so make sure you come here a new experience the pleasures of a great land filled with natural delights.

The whitewater here is a major attraction and the challenging rapids and splashing delights are the mainstay of tours here. The larger rapids are also taken and make sure that you have someone to take you around. A photographer’s delight this is one place that you should certainly not miss in tours to Omo River.

The scenic beauty here is breathtaking and one of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss tours to this part of the world. the mesmerizing gorges and the beautiful lowland deserts. The many streams and the lovely waterfalls all go to make tours here very cherishable and thus you would get to see the most intriguing sights of cool swimming pools coupled with wild animals.

Then the hippos in the Omo River are a major future and as you see hippos surfacing near the boats you would simply want to retain this scene forever in your life. Crocodiles too are found as also bushbuck and waterbuck. Then you have the colobus monkey, and the baboons barking from top of cliffs. There are wild dogs, leopards and lions too which dominate the animal population here.

The River Omo region is also a place where you get to see the African water birds, bush species, and the forest. With lovely sights of the Goliath herons, fish eagles, bee eaters, kingfishers, vultures and kites, this is certainly a great way to enjoy tours in Eastern Africa.

Hike up the midstream and enjoy the fascinating waterfalls and get to see the most magnificent sights ever. Swim up the pools and enjoy the sight of the huge waterfalls and hot springs. Fishing is also a popular activity here. the Omo Catfish is a prize catch and people would certainly love to Omo River.

Ethiopia is a place where you would get to see the most secluded and the most primitive regions. With a pleasant climate and good facilities for campsites, tours here are surely exciting and unique. Get to eat food like fresh fruit, vegetables, bread pies, and cakes of course.

Insects are a big irritation to the locals here and the tsetse flies are a major future here. they get attracted to blue and red so you should ensure you are not wearing such colours. There are many river guides who would help you to go across the region and it is really an enriching experience to be a part of all this and more.
Camping on the River Omo Basin is not allowed. There is a lot of facility for swimming and touring. Tours to River Omo conclude where the River Omo meets the River Mui. Here you can enjoy mangos and many such fruits that are available here. River Omo basin is thus a greatly interesting holiday spot.

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