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The Green Turtle Lodge Pleasures

Mon, Oct 15, 2012

Western Africa

Visit the Republic of Ghana in the western part of Africa and enjoy the pleasures of this fascinating country that gives the best taste of Africa. Enjoy the tourism pleasures here and experience the best of a rich cultural heritage that makes it a fascinating destination. With endless miles of beach coasts and lovely palm trees, this is the best way one could experience the best sights in this a part of the world.The fishing villages with their bright boats are another force to reckon with here and the castles and the forts that come here provide a chance to learn more about the history of the slave trade.

The Green Turtle Lodge

Enjoy the sights of the biodiversity of the rainforest and go to the regions like Ankasa, Kakum and the Cape Three Points Forest Reserve. A walking safari here satisfies all your curiosity and thrills and you would certainly love this unique experience in the Green Turtle Lodge here in Ghana. Visit the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary and experience the tour delights of Accra, the capital. This modern city with its innumerable restaurants bustles with activity and thus tourism here is spreading fast and well.

The Green Turtle Lodge is thus developing into a fast growing tourist attraction in this part of the world. the chalets here are a combination of luxury and comfort in absolutely traditional African style. The rooms here are very well decorated and have comfortable beds with provisions for mosquito nets. The chalets self sufficient with solar panels which give lot of energy. The over Landers and campers are enjoyed by the tourists. The cleanliness of the Green Turtle Lodge is something that attracts the tourists here.

Traditionally built, the Green Turtle Lodge looks like a small village, and is entirely powered by solar energy. The self composting toilets and the water for the showers are used to feed the plant species that entirely thrive on the soap minerals.

The Green Turtle Lodge is located both for exploration and relaxation of the areas surrounding it. There is lot to do and lot to see and the organized tours here make it more easily accessible to the visitors.

There is a canoe trip here that allows you to enjoy the canoes to explore the River Ezile mangroves and also gives you a chance to enjoy the fascinating eco system and see the beauty of the butterflies and the birds here. You could also see monkeys here which dominate the entire region.

The Green Turtle Lodge River Ezile

The turtle nesting season is between September to march. You can see all the marine turtles which are seen nesting on the Akwidaa beach. the Green Turtle Lodge has also started a conservation project which protect the endangered species. There are around six members who patrol the area and protect the endangered species. There is a Turtle Night Hike that helps to search the nesting sea turtles. In fact, 100% of the hike in this lodge area entirely goes for conservation of turtles.

There are many activities here in the Green Turtle Lodge which give you a lot of opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of adventurous experiences here. Experience the Green Turtle Lodge and feel the difference of a natural land.

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