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The Famous Museums of Tangier

Fri, Sep 23, 2011

Northern Africa

Tangier is a Moroccan city located in the northern part of the country. According to 2003 census, the city houses a population of 700,000. However, the city is not only crowded only by its native population; Tangier also play host to a significant number of tourist population every year. Tourists come here primarily due to the wide array of attractions present in the city; out of which the most prominent ones are the Tangier’s museums. In this article we have discussed about the most famous museums of the city of Tangier, Morocco.

Museum of Antiques : This museum is situated in the region that previously housed the kitchens of Dar El Makhzen or Sultan’s palance. The exhibits of this museum include magnificent mosaics and beautiful bronze statues retrieved from different archaeological sites of Rome.

The Forbes Museum : The Forbes museum was established by the famous billionaire of the United States of America, Malcolm Forbes. Following the death of Forbes in the year 1990, the ownership of the museum was handed over to the government of Morocco. The Forbes Museum is dedicated primarily to the military encounters of the yesteryears. It houses a wonderful collection of over 115,000 model soldiers; since the inception of this museum a number of famous battles of previous years have been reenacted completely using impressive sound effects and lights. The performances are generally hosted by the museum’s garden area.

The Museum of Moroccan Art : This museum is located in an ancient palace of Medina of Tangier. Here, you will come across specimens of Moroccan Art. The collection of the museum include artifacts of each of the Moroccan cities, which include earthen, brass and copper containers and crockery, jewelries, leather goods, exclusive textiles etc.


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