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  • The Best Time to Visit Mozambique

    Fri, Feb 5, 2010


    Mozambique is the ultimate relaxing destination.  Some of the aspects of this African nation are tall palm trees, peaceful beaches, warm aqua waters full of marine life and abundant sunshine.  On the contrary, one can also experience, a cyclone and torrential rains and the humidity can also soar to unbearable highs. Hence, the question in everyone’s mind is obvious, “When is the best time to visit Mozambique?”

    The answer to the above question is not simple at all as it is dependent on a number of aspects.  Some aspects include your own interests as the country has so many different things to explore and experience and lastly when do you wish to travel. As seen here, one person favorite time can be a disaster for another.  A major reason that influences one’s decision is the unpredictable weather of Mozambique.  Let’s have a look at the weather of this country in brief.

    Mozambique like most African nations has witnessed increasingly unpredictable weather patters for the past few years now.  Many weather experts have blamed global warming for this phenomenon. Over the years, we have seen downpours in deserts and damaging droughts in places where rains should be pouring.

    The country’s coastline is around 2,000 km long and covers latitudes in the range of 11 degrees to 27 degrees south.  Also, the country has a tropical ocean current in the north to south direction throughout the year.  The entire country follows a southern African weather pattern, which experiences rainfall from December to March.

    However, this pattern is not static throughout Mozambique and it varies slightly between the regions of the north and south of the country.  The rains last a little bit longer in the northern regions as compared to the south.  The humidity can be unbearable during this period though.

    Most of the rains are bought to Mozambique by the southeast trade winds.  As the nation lies in the rain shadow of Madagascar, the country receives a low annual rainfall and great protection from tropical storms and the devastating cyclones, which head towards it during the period.

    The months of April and May see less rainfall and as a result the sun comes out and temperatures also drop and better weather prevails.  The following June to October period are dry months.  This period is characterized with perfect tropical weather full of clear skies and abundance of sunshine and devoid of rain.  This June-October period may be considered a good time for you to visit the country and usually tourists visit the nation during this period.  Although, the climate is still tropical, the country witnesses its coolest months from June to August and one even needs a light duvet at night, while the day is just the opposite with temperatures crossing the 30 degree Celsius mark.  The months of September and October are again dry with daytime temperatures increasing and cooling off at night.

    November is a month of transition and there are times when the rains actually start in November in the northern region.  Otherwise, November is famous for sunny and hot days.

    Hence, it is up to the visitor to decide when he wishes to travel to Mozambique.  Usually, the country is visited mainly to experience the virgin beaches and scuba diving exercises.  Hence, it is recommended to visit the place when the day temperatures are at the coolest or pleasant to visit the beaches during the daytime and as seen above the months of June, July and August are the best in this regard.  So go ahead and plan your trip to Mozambique.

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